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Journey of Devotion

Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un give field guidance to February 8 Vinalon Complex
Journey of Devotion

There is a peerlessly great man who made undying achievements on behalf of the country, nation, times and history in the 20th and the 21stcenturies.

He is Kim Jong Il, an outstanding leader born of the Korean nation who is unrivalled in personality, qualification, ideology, leadership, moral repute, the greatness of life and exploits.

Marking the second anniversary of his passing, the Korean people recall his life solemnly, filled with heart-rending sorrow over his too unexpected, regrettable and early death. They yearn for him immensely not only because he was the leader of their country.

He was an outstanding thinker and theoretician, peerless veteran statesman, Songun commander and benevolent father of the people, who possessed the personality and qualification of great man at the highest level, led the revolution and construction along the road of victory with original ideology and theories and extraordinary leadership ability and waged the revolutionary struggle with ardent love for the country and people and noble devotion to them.

In retrospect, he did nothing for himself for all his life.

I don’t care whether I’m appreciated or not, I’m only content to devote myself to the country and peopleㅡthis was his view on life.

That is why he used to set out on journey for the people early in the morning.

At dawn on the day after he started to work at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea on June 19 1964, he said to officials that although many people know that it is good for health to breathe fresh air early in the morning not many might do so like them, adding that revolutionaries often breathe fresh morning air earlier than others. Like this he would start his journeys for the revolution early in the morning by inheriting the spirit of devotion of the members of the Mangyongdae family.

It was on the early morning of New Year’s Day in 1995, the year after President Kim Il Sung passed away, that he wrote to all the people to work energetically to make our country, our motherland ever more prosperous as befit the soldiers and devoted followers of the President. It was also on an early morning when even soldiers at the outpost were sound asleep that he set out to see service personnel at the Panmunjom Mission with the firm resolve to safeguard the country.

He was also on an early morning journey to inspect an army unit in the east of the front one day in May 1998 when he unrolled the grand blueprint for land realignment in Kangwon Province, which later brought about a tremendous change in the era of the Workers’ Party, as he passed uneven patches of farmlands.

All of his early morning inspections tours led to important event: the visit to Jagang Province in snowstorm with an eye to applying the CNC technology to the whole country, the tour of South Hamgyong Province for laying the solid foundation for building an economically developed country and the crossing of Chol Pass for the defense of socialism.

Thanks to his journeys of devotion, the DPRK could become a nuclear state and a manufacturer and launcher of earth satellites, raise the wind of breaking through the cutting edge by seizing the control lever of the CNC technology, establish the Juche-based systems of producing iron, fiber and fertilizer and build a large number of structures of lasting value including the Huichon Power Station.

As he devoted every energy and intelligence to the good of the country and people, saving every bit of time, he embarked on an inspection tour early in the morning of the day in December 2011 and on this last journey of devotion to the people his great heart stopped beating.

Like this, his was a noble life of devotion associated with early morning journey.

Today the Korean people are making a dynamic advance for the consumption of the revolutionary cause of Juche with the unshakeable faith that Chairman Kim Jong Il will always be with them under the leadership of Kim Jong Un who is identical with the Chairman in every aspect.

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