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Jubilation in May

The cheers rend the air with “hurrah”.

The world is wrapped in emotion and excitement.

Election of supreme leader Kim Jong Un as Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The election created a great sensation and jubilation among the Korean nation and made a grave “political diastrophism” in the world.

A lot of world mass media well as the south Korean mass media widely introduced the election in an extra with the photographs of Chairman Kim Jong Un responding to the thunderous cheers of the participants of the congress.

In the world, there are a lot of countries and every nation has its leader. Why his election thrilled the world?

There may be a country that is short of talents, but there is no nation that is short of politicians. Of the politicians, they pose themselves as “popular-oriented” leaders.

However, the unique mission of their power is to suppress the masses. In other word, the rulers exploit the people, while advertising that they are doing “for the good of the people”.

Therefore, instead of worship, the world’s people are full of mistrust of the leaders.

There is one exception. In the DPRK, based on the power of the people, Chairman Kim Jong Un, the leader of people builds a paradise for them. Every creation for the people on the land of bliss is a brilliant fruition of his leadership and he is continuing the road of devotion. He safeguards peace of the world and safety of the world’s people. The people’s Korea that is thriving by dint of the leader’s power and will is the land of promise desired by the world’s people from time immemorial.

It is natural for the people and the world to offer hearty greetings to the benevolent people’s leader who is the Savior of humankind. 

The election is the greatest gratitude and honor from the loyal people who are closely linked to the leader.

It gladdened the people and sent shivers down the enemies spine.

The people have bright and victorious future and the enemies are destined to fall like the setting sun.

The victory belongs to the people and the enemies are doomed!

This is a historical truth engraved on the minds of humankind as well as of the loyal DPRK people in glorious May.

The world people, suffering from all miseries and hardships trampled underfoot by the imperialists for ages, are wrapped in gladness.

The jubilation in May makes the DPRK the superpower. Through the jubilation, the world feels the power of the DPRK.

The power is the single-hearted unity and it is the true color of the DPRK that has a harmonious whole of the leader. In the DPRK, the people worship their leader with confidence and conscience.

Only victory and glory are in store for the DPRK people who have become an integral whole with ChairmanKim Jong Un and the day of the ultimate victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche in the world is not far off.

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