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Kim Il Sung and the Cause of Global Independence

Eighteen years have already passed since President Kim Il Sung, a great man of the 20th century, passed away (July 8, 1994). 

The progressive humankind of the world look back upon the exploits he made for realizing the cause of global independence.

The President put forward the idea of making the world independent.

It is in essence the idea of establishing international relations based on independent and putting international society on a democratic track. 

He set forth the slogan “People of the Whole World Aspiring after Independence, Unite!” and clarified the orientation and ways for opposing imperialist and dominationist forces, abolishing the outdated international order of domination and subordination and establishing a new, fair one. He also shed a scientific light on other problems arising in realizing global independence, including those of firmly maintaining independence by all countries and nations, strengthening the non-aligned movement, developing the south-south cooperation in many fields, and establishing wholesome international relations. 

He traveled 520,000-odd km to visit foreign countries on 54 occasions and visited 87 countries in total in his lifetime. He met over 70,000 foreign figures, including 120 heads of state, 206 party leaders and 76 heads of government, masking energetic efforts for global independence. 

He gave active support to the anti-imperialist, anti-fascist struggle of the peoples in foreign countries. 

In the days of the anti-Japanese armed struggle for liberating his country, he led the bloody struggle in defense of the Soviet Union with arms. Shortly after the country’s liberation he gave material and spiritual support to the Chinese revolution through the country was in difficult situation. Later he sent many excellent airmen to help the just war of the Vietnamese people against the US aggression, and lent selfless assistance to the building of a new society by African and many other countries.  
The non-aligned movement, a powerful anti-imperialist and independent force in the 20th century, is associated with deep concern and energetic efforts of President Kim Il Sung.

To promote the cause of global independence, he helped the non-aligned movement, which had maintained a neutral and peaceful coexistence in its early days, developed into a revolutionary progressive movement, whose basic ideal is independence against imperialism. Thanks to his strenuous efforts, the attempts of the imperialists and dominationists to split and break down the movement were checked and frustrated, and the non-aligned countries achieved their unity and cohesion and played a big role in the struggle to realize global independence. 

The President made energetic efforts to make the whole world independent even in the last days of his life. 

Between the end of the 1980s and the early 1990s, when socialism was frustrated in several countries and it led many people to ideological vacillation and confusion, he met figures of the political and social circles from many countries, inspiring them to cherish a firm conviction in socialism and advance the cause of independence without giving it up halfway.

By his deep concern and painstaking efforts, the declaration, titled Let Us Defend and Advance the Cause of Socialism, was adopted in Pyongyang in April 1992, and signed by the leaders and representatives of tens of progressive political parties from around the world. 

His name and the exploits he achieved for the cause of global independence have been etched in the hearts of humanity. 

More than 480 streets, organizations and units in over 100 countries were named after him, and 180-odd highest orders and medals from over 70 countries and international organizations were conferred on him. State, party and government leaders and other personages of all strata of 172 countries presented 166,065 gifts to him. The gifts, honorary titles and decorations continue to be bestowed on him even after his death.

The exploits the President made for the cause of global independence will shine forever.
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