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Kim Il Sung Enjoys Birthdays among People

 With the approach of the Day of the Sun (April 15), President Kim Il Sung‘s birthday, the DPRK people are sorely missing him, who spent most of his birthdays on the job to ensure the wellbeing of the people.

 It was one day in the period of the Fatherland Liberation War (June 1950-July 1953) when officials were preparing birthday food for him.

 After knowing the fact, he rebuked officials for the preparation, saying:

 Born into a poor peasant family, I have never enjoyed my birthday until now, always finding myself busy with my revolutionary activities. Enjoying birthday is not suitable to my way of life.

 Moreover, the present situation does not allow me to do it. We only have to think of how we can defeat the U.S. aggressors in the war. I will gladly enjoy my birthday after we win the war.

 Then, he asked officials to send a chicken and some eggs they brought for his birthday meal to a nearby medical post, and took boiled rice and cereals and pickles of edible herbs only.

 On April 15, Juche 43 (1954), Kim Il Sung gave field guidance to the Samjong Agricultural Cooperative in Junghwa County.

 While having talks with farmers on an edge of barley field early in the morning, he heard one of them saying there was a quality spring near a village. Immediately, he made his way to the spring. He stepped into a marshland and personally selected a site for building a fish breeding ground.

 He visited several other units that day. Upon returning from the field guidance, he said:

 I enjoyed my birthday today with pleasure. I think enjoying birthday does not mean taking good food and rest. For me, it is a rest to see everything going well in the country.

 On April 15, Juche 77 (1988), he came to his office immediately after appreciating a joint performance of foreign artistes who participated in the April Spring Friendship Art Festival.

 He called on an official to take a measure to recondition equipment of the Pukchang Thermal Power Complex. Then, he took a step to operate the Sunchon Cement Complex at full capacity, before giving instructions concerning steel and electricity output.

 Earnestly requested to take some rest that day, his birthday, he said he was willing to do more work before he became older. He then continued to deal with state affairs until late at night.

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