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Kim Il Sung, eternal President of DPRK

Kim Il Sung is acclaimed as the eternal President and founder of socialist Korea in the DPRK as he made great achievements for national building.

The First Session of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea held in September 1948 elected him Premier of the DPRK Cabinet by reflecting the unanimous will and desire of all the Korean people.

On September 9 he set up the government and proclaimed the founding of an independent and sovereign state.

Since then the Korean people had held him as the founding father of the country and the DPRK had developed into a socialist state centered on the people guided by his state-building idea and under his wise leadership.

As head of state, he worked energetically for nearly half a century until the last monuments of his life.

He put the people forward as the masters of the country, set it as the basic principle in state building and activities to defend their demand and interests and maintained the principle consistently, thereby strengthening the government to be a people’s government that gives priority to their demand and interests and works to satisfy their demand and serve their interests.

He built the government as the representative of the independent rights of the people, the organizer of their creative abilities and activities, the very one responsible for their livelihood and the defender of their interests. This is a priceless achievement that attained the organic combination of the people and state building and broke new ground in building of a socialist state.

He adopted it as the fundamental principle in accomplishing the cause of socialism to preserve the Juche character and national identity and consistently follow the line of independence and strictly applied it to state building and activities.

His veteran and seasoned leadership was a decisive factor that enabled the DPRK to make a victorious advance along the road of socialism without the slightest vacillation in the world’s political upheavals.

All the achievements made in the DPRK in the 20th century are attributable to his outstanding leadership and the high prestige and invincible might of the country are associated with his name.

The DPRK is the fruit of his outstanding ideology and leadership and the precious legacy of his noble life devoted to the country, nation and people.

The First Session of the Fifth Supreme People’s Assembly in December 1972 elected him President of the DPRK as he strengthened the political base, self-defensive capabilities and economic power of the country under the banner of Juche to lay the eternal foundations for realizing the independent ideal of the Korean people.

To the Koreans and the world’s progressives, the title of “president” is inseparably linked with his name as he made distinguished services for the country and people and won their unreserved admiration.

That is why the Korean people held him in high esteem as the one and only President of the DPRK after his demise in July 1994.

The First Session of the Tenth Supreme People’s Assembly, which was held in September 1998 that marked the 50th anniversary of the DPRK, adopted Kim Il Sung’s Constitution stipulating that he would be held as the eternal President of the DPRK.

The achievements the President made for the building and development of the country will shine forever along with the eternal prosperity of socialist Korea.

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