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Kim Il Sung’s Distinguished Leadership Ability Displayed in War

President Kim Il Sung strengthened the cohesion of the Workers’ Party, army and people of Korea in every way during the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953).

He developed the WPK into an invincible party, the guiding force for victory in the war.

On October 21, Juche 39 (1950) he initiated forming WPK organizations in the Korean People’s Army in order to fully prepare the soldiers politically and ideologically and further enhance the fighting capacity of the army with the party members as vanguard.

He strengthened the WPK in an organizational and ideological way by timely convening several plenary meetings of its Central Committee.

He also directed big efforts to rallying all the people around the WPK as one powerful political force.

On October 1, 1951, he advanced detailed tasks for intensifying the mass political work, through a decision of the Organizing Commission of the WPK Central Committee.

In line with the decision, the party organizations at all levels conducted political activities to introduce the WPK’s policies among the people and instill them with confidence in sure victory.

Kim Il Sung guided writers and artistes to create many appealing literature and art works in order to encourage the people to win in the war.

He also paid deep attention to enhancing the role of the people’s power bodies.

In February 1952 he delivered a speech “The Tasks and Role of the Local Organs of Power at the Present Stage” at a joint meeting of people’s committee chairmen and leading Party officials of provinces, cities and counties. In the speech he clarified the character and features of the people’s power and indicated tasks and ways for enhancing its function and role under the wartime conditions.

In the course of implementing the tasks, the revolutionary mass viewpoint was strictly established among the government officials and the function and role of people’s power organs were enhanced.

During the war the President always found himself among servicepersons, guiding the army and people to victory in the war.

One day when the battle was going on on Height 1 211, he made a phone call to the commander of the KPA unit there. He told the commander that the officers should show deep care for the soldiers’ living conditions, saying that all of them were most valuable and his comrades-in-arms.

He took measures to supply fruits to soldiers fighting in the front and provide them with recreation conditions.

There are also such touching stories about emergency measures he took to rescue some KPA soldiers from the enemy’s encirclement and dispatch soldiers to save a serviceperson’s child in the period of the temporary strategic retreat.

In the three-year war the President made field guidance tours of 1 056 units, extending more than 20 500 km.

Deeply moved by his ardent spirit of defending the homeland and deep love, the servicepersons and civilians courageously turned out in the fight for victory in the war.
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