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Kim Jong Il, a hero of the nation and peerless patriot

With each passing day, south Koreans extol Chairman Kim Jong Il, who turned the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea into a socialist power with his Songun politics and Songun-based revolutionary leadership and laid an eternal foundation for the national prosperity, to the skies.

North Korea’s high prestige and inexhaustible national power are associated with the name of Chairman Kim Jong Il. It is a great blessing of the Korean nation to acclaim the Chairman in high esteem. He made the nation strong with his Songun politics and turned it into an invincible giant. He represented symbol of the national dignity and victory, a professor of politics in Daejon said to his friends and disciples.

A resident in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province stated in the following vein:

Kim Jong Il’s painstaking efforts for defending the country and nation are unfathomable.

His inspection of the Dwarf Pine Post of the KPA was a grand declaration that north Korea would as ever keep to the road of Songun. That’s why the north Koreans supported his Songun politics and they were convinced that the country remains steadfast and the future of the nation is rosy as long as the Songun politics is enforced.

Chairman Kim Jong Il was a man of steady nerve. He built the self-defensive industry with nuclear force as the core and laid a solid foundation for building a powerful nation with the result that north Korea became a military power no formidable enemy dare to provoke. North Korea which is admired by the world people became stronger thanks to leadership of the Chairman. He built the country with the strongest might of justice and powerful war deterrence, a pro-reunification champion in Gwangju said with emotion. 

A retired general in Gangwon Province of south Korea said:

It is a fruition of the Songun politics of Chairman Kim Jong Il that north Korea became a dignified one with a war deterrence.

He neutralized all manner of vicious plots of the enemy with his matchless pluck. He broke the equilibrium of the global politics to stand against Washington styling itself the “only superpower” in the world.

North Korea could defend the country and nation with the Songun politics, tiding over manifold difficulties. 

A literary person noted:

Brilliant insight of Chairman Kim Jong Ilyielded a great reality. Thanks to his guidance, the KPA turned into an invincible one strong in ideology and faith with a powerful war deterrent. North Korea is the country in which the leader, the army and people are closely united by the common destiny and happiness is ensured. He was a national hero and peerless patriot who safeguarded the country and nation, and demonstrated the might of Songun politics throughout the world by increasing the nation’s self-defensive capacity in the worst trial.  

History is brilliant only when it is reliably inherited.

Though the US and its poodles have made desperate attempts to arrest the victorious advance of north Korea, the world sees the great image of Marshal Kim Jong Un who is identical with Chairman Kim Jong Il through dignified north Korea. 

Chairman Kim Jong Il’s exploits will be handed down for ages as Marshal Kim Jong Undefends the destiny of the nation and brightens the future of Korean nation, a fellow at the unification studies posted an article on a website.

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