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Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese heroine

Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese heroine
Image of Eternal Bodyguard
The Korean army and people celebrate 98th birth anniversary of Kim Jong Suk this year.

When December 24, birthday of Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese heroine, comes round every year, the service personnel and people in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea visit her statues erected in all parts of the country, carrying flower bouquets.

Standing before the statues in reverence for her, they reflect ennobling sense of loyalty cherished by Kim Jong Suk, who became a human fortress and shield to safeguard Kim Il Sung during the bloody anti-Japanese war for Koreas liberation.

Since she took part in anti-Japanese armed struggle in her early years she defended Kim Il Sung whom all the Korean people held up high as the sun of the nation, at the cost of her life. There are countless stories about her exploits, and typical is the battle of Dashahe.

In June Juche 29 (1940) the Japanese imperialists enlisted massive troops in punitive operations against the Korean Peoples Revolutionary Army, its main target being the KPRA Headquarters.

The main unit of the KPRA led by Kim Il Sung was conducting military activities in the area of Antu County, China, when it suddenly encountered the Japanese new army, one of the most vicious troops.

Immediately analyzing the prevailing circumstances and the features of the terrain, Kim Il Sung ordered the unit to gain the superiority of firepower over the enemy, while all the guerillas rushing towards a height. Then he commanded the battle from a rock on the ridge of the mountain.

Kim Jong Suk kept a close watch on the surrounding for the safety of Kim Il Sungand then she noticed that some enemy soldiers hiding in a reed field were approaching.

At that hair-raising moment, Kim Jong Suk, shouting Comrade Commander! and shielding him with her own body, shot an enemy soldier in the front.

Kim Il Sung, turning back, shot another enemy soldier over her shoulder. They both shot all the enemy soldiers in the reed field dead.

In this way Kim Jong Suk ensured the safety of Kim Il Sung with credit.

She also performed heroic feats ensuring the security of the headquarters at the battle of Fusong county town by checking the enemy at the col in the eastern hill and many other battles and marches.

Kim Jong Suk was always uncompromising in supporting the revolutionary ideas of Kim Il Sung and implemented his orders without any deviation.

Noble image of Kim Jong Suk in the days of anti-Japanese war is enshrined in the minds of the Korean service personnel and people as the great model of a bodyguard who defended the leader unto death.

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