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Kim Jong Suk’s Exploits for Songun Revolution

Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese heroine
Kim Jong Suk’s Exploits for Songun Revolution
Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese war hero, devoted all her life to the Songun (military-first) revolution pioneered by President Kim Il Sung.

In the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle, she showed the spirit of devotedly defending the leader in many fierce battles and at the Qingfeng Secret Camp. Such practices became a model to be followed by commanding officers and members of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army.

Kim Jong Suk also performed undying feats for the liberation of Korea with arms. She displayed prodigious grit, flexible tactics, mysterious marksmanship and self-sacrificing spirit in various battles, including the battle to defend Chechangzi guerrilla zone, thus greatly encouraging the guerrillas to destroying the Japanese aggressors.

With Kim Il Sung‘s idea on comradeship taken as her creed, she did not hesitate to risk her life to defend her comrades-in-arms’ political integrity or rescue their lives from danger in battles.

After the liberation of the country from the Japanese colonial rule, she worked heart and soul to find out children of the fallen guerrillas and bring them up as pillars for building a new country.

With the firm belief that the country can be defended only with arms, she devoted her all to building a regular army. Her care and efforts reached to everything like the foundation of Pyongyang Institute and other military academies, training of servicepersons in aspects of politics and military technique, designing of military flags and uniforms and production of weaponry.

Kim Jong Suk was a great revolutionary who dedicated all her life to the country and the people, performing undying feats in the history of the Songun revolution always with arms in her hands.

Her feats for the liberation of Korea and the building of Juche-type revolutionary armed forces serve as a mental source encouraging the Korean army and people to the victorious advance of the cause of the Songun revolution.

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