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Kim Jong Un Made New Appearance as Fresh Leader This Year

Kim Jong Un inspects island defense detachments stationed in the
biggest hotspot in the southernmost part of the southwest front
Kim Jong Un Made New Appearance as Fresh Leader This Year

The Dec. 7-13 issue of International Pioneer Guide, the newspaper published by the Xinhua News Agency of China, carried an article contributed by Gao Haorong, a researcher at the Center for World Studies of the agency who was its former correspondent in Pyongyang, under the sub-title “Leader Kim Jong Un attracting great attention as a new leader and with new appearance” under the caption “Taking over the baton in 2012”.

The article said that drawing the attention of the world people was the news that the dear respected Kim Jong Un of the DPRK ranked top in the middle phase of the yearly personality network vote of the magazine Time. It went on:

Kim Jong Un is the youngest state leader in this world.

Being so young, he brought not a few new views and bright rays to this “mysterious country” called the DPRK.

On the New Year’s Day he began his guidance with inspecting the 105 Guards Tank Division of the Korean People’s Army closely associated with the footsteps of President Kim Il Sung and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il. He paid ceaseless visits to units of the ground, naval, air and anti-air and strategic rocket forces.

The most impressive was his inspection in August.

He went to Mu Islet in the western waters aboard a small wooden boat without being escorted by a guard unit. Later its boatman said “it was something unthinkable even in a dream. Because the islet was just 7 km away in a straight line from Yonphyong Island where a shelling skirmish took place in November, 2010.

He ordered the detachment defending the islet to turn the West Sea into a final cemetery of the enemies if the invaders ignite a war in view of the joint military maneuvers being staged by the U.S. and south Korea at that time.

Through such action the personality of the leader carrying forward the Songun politics of the preceding leaders and “the spirit of reacting to the hard-line policy with the toughest stand” left deep impression on the outside world.

It was the focal point of his main thrust this year to inspect units, make personnel appointments and establish control over the army as the supreme commander of the KPA but his activities were not confined to the army. He published more than 10 works in just one year.

He frequently went to construction sites and participated in large-scale meetings.

It was on his initiative that events took place one after another in the DPRK. They included a military parade in April, an event for celebrating the anniversary of the Korean Children’s Union in June, an event for celebrating the anniversary of the victory of the Korean people in the Fatherland Liberation War in July, an event for celebrating Youth Day in August, an event for marking the anniversary of the Mangyongdae Revolutionary School in October and a celebration of the Mother’s Day in November. 

These were large events unprecedented in their scale. They involved not only the children who began to learn their mother tongue but war veterans. 

Kim Jong Unattended almost all the events, sent letters and had photo sessions with the participants in the meetings and sent gifts to them.

The picture of all people responding to the call of the state leader was vividly unfolded in those events.

This popular charisma was not reflected in such large-scale popular events only.

He, together with his wife, visited families of workers and teachers who moved to new flats in Changjon Street and presented them with household articles and food personally cooked by her.

He took children to his arms, gently stroked their faces and cheerfully smiled hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder with them.

He also made sure that chestnuts harvested this year and fresh fish were sent to the kindergartens in Pyongyang, a token of his popular charisma of loving children and future.

He is, therefore, called “tender-hearted father” by children.

His popular charisma and love for people find expression in his efforts to provide the people with better living conditions, more beautiful living environment and higher living standard.

He directed not a few efforts to such works this year.

In a speech made by him at the military parade in April, he said that he would not let people tighten their belts any more but enable them to enjoy luxury and wealth under socialism. People vividly remember his speech.

It is the main slogan in the DPRK to develop the economy and pay attention to improving the people’s living standard.

 Facilities for recreation and amusement and other facilities appeared in Pyongyang one after another. They included Rungna People’s Pleasure Park, Pyongyang Folklore Park, People’s Open-Air Ice-Rink, Ryugyong Health Complex where visitors can take bath, get hair-dresser’s service and have steam bath and physical exercises. The Breast Cancer Institute under the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital was inaugurated for women. Even some facilities that belonged to the army were rebuilt as a fitness center for people. 

All families and citizens were excited to hear the news of the enforcement of the universal 12-year compulsory education system and the establishment of the State Physical Culture and Sports Guidance Commission. 

Kim Jong Undemonstrated the new appearance and new spirit this year.
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