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Kim Jong Un provides field guidance to the work for developing the Rungra Pleasure Ground for People

Kim Jong Unprovides field guidance to the work for developing the Rungra Pleasure Ground for People
DPRK, the zest of life
Kim Sook, a Korean resident in the US, posted an article titled “DPRK, the zest of life” in the Internet homepage of the Federation of Koreans in the US on May 5. 

Functions were held in grandeur in celebration of the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung in the DPRK, he wrote. 

Referring dazzling firework lit the nocturnal sky of Pyongyang and enchanting scenes of cascading-down fireworks at Okryu and Taedong Bridges, the gala added brilliance to the 100th birthday of President Kim Il Sung, the founder of the DPRK, and fully exhibited his undying exploits for building a thriving nation made by leader Kim Jong Il, the article noted.     

It is the DPRK in which the people have will to cast their lot with the Party in happy or grim days by supporting the WPKs ideology and leadership with their faith and conscience and rallying around it with one idea and purposes, and moral obligation, it wrote. 

The DPRK with a clear independence idea and people defending their leader with the single-hearted unity is a marvelous country that no one dares to provoke the impregnable nation, it praised and continued.  

They should always put the people first in their consideration, direct primary concern to their living, always think and sincerely work to solve the knotty problems in their living and do more things for their benefit, Kim Jong Unsaid in his talk to senior officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea on April 6, 2012.  

Ninety nine percent of people in south Korea, US and several European countries, unlike north Korea where the housing, universal 11-year compulsory education and universal free healthcare, the basic demand of human life are being provided, are anxious about their bread for tomorrow.    

It is the stern realities of life that they should go hungry and become homeless if they have no jobs. Countless are the unemployed. South Korea tops the world list in the unemployment of youth of university graduates. Demands for employment are heard in the US and the rest of the world.

Lee Myung-bak made mouth-watering commitments to revive the sluggish south Korean economy four years ago. Poverty, oppression, violence and death await the people after he won the presidency. He has made frantic attempt to offer wealth and prosperity for his minority close to him but thrust majority of people into the depth of despair.   

Unionists of Ssangyong Motors of south Korea demanded the right to existence but the riot police pushed them to deadly circumstances. The unionists and their families asserted their claims however, Lee lent a deaf ear to them. They suffered oppression and pressure accompanying violence. 

The police and prosecution that had been reduced to poodle of the Lee government arrest and restrict the innocent people on the strength of violence. 
North Korea and south Korea is a world-wide difference.  
The DPRK, a fine nation, regards people as god and their interests and happiness as the supreme task of the state affairs in response to motto of their previous leaders. 
Therefore, the DPRK people are tenderhearted and elegant.
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