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Korean Peninsula on the eve of war

The Korean Peninsula is on the verge of a war due to the U.S. and the south Korean warmongers’ vicious moves of frantic war exercises against north Korea and inter-Korean confrontation.

The US introduced the nuclear-powered submarine Mississippicapable of mounting a nuclear attack on the rival side into Busan Port of south Korea on June 13. It was busy with a nuclear bomb dropping drill with involvement of a formation of nuclear strategic bombers B-52H on Guam in the skies of south Korea on June 17.

The south Korean navy launched maritime mobile drill on the West Sea under the signboard of “protection of Northern Limit Line” from June 16 to 18.  

They conducted anti-air and warship operation, a large special unit operation and live fire rehearsal in simulation of “local war” with the involvement of 20 warships, “P-3”maritime patrol planes, helicopters and fighters.  

On June 22, the aerial command of south Korean army started south Korea-US joint aerial firing drill.  

The drill is aimed to enhance operational performance of the south Korea-US joint aerial forces capable to overwhelm north Korea on the threshold of the 66th anniversary of the Korean War.   

Involved in the drill were the 1st airborne brigade, AH-1S helicopters and K-1 tanks of the 3rd armored brigade of the south Korean army, AH-64 Apache helicopters and OH-58 helicopters of the US 2nd Division.

Civic organizations including the Solidarity for Peace and Unification sponsored the 200th anti-US rally in front of the American embassy in Seoul on June 14, in which they declared that they would launch the action demanding the revision of unequal SOFA and return of the US military base in Yongsan. It continued that the danger of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula should be removed through the conclusion of peace treaty.  

On June 17, co-representative of the Korea Solidarity for Independent Reunification and Democracy took part in a rally demanding the conclusion of peace pact, pullout of the US troops and implementation of the June 15 Joint Declaration held under the sponsorship of the participants of the international seminar on peaceful unification in front of the US embassy in Seoul. They made public a statement titled “Conclude peace treaty between the DPRK and US and implement the June 15 Joint Declaration!”  

The US withdrawal from south Korea is a prerequisite for peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula, the statement noted.

Those playing with fire are destined to perish.

The US and south Korean warlike elements are better to behave with discretion to meet demand of within and without desirous of peace and security of the Korea Peninsula.

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