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Labors’ resolve meeting

 Some days ago, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions held a large-scale meeting in denunciation of south Korean president-elect Yoon Suk-yeol’s labor policy.


What Yoon has mentioned for a month was anachronistic and absurd. The upcoming five years should the era of laborers not Yoon, they said.

If Yoon comes in touch with the business groups and capital, the KCTU would launch a dynamic action together with 25 million laborers, it noted.

The Yoon regime should give up its policy for the business groups and against the laborers and the KCTU would wage a stubborn action to hammer out the extreme inequality, the KCTU pointed out in a resolution.   

The meeting is a preview of sharp conflict between the Yoon government and laborers and the Yoon government would be troubled with it from the outset of its term, south Korean mass outlets commented. 

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