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Land of Affection

March 8 is the International Women’s Day.

To lead a beautiful life is an intention common to the women, the symbol of beauty. As beauty of flower depends on growing fields, the women can enjoy a happy life as flowers of the era and society only in the benevolent system.

It is proven by striking differences of life of north and south Korean women who are homogeneous nation.

To state the conclusion first, the north is the world’s unique blessed land and the south is the desert of human rights than Hades.

In the DPRK, pushing one of the wheels of revolution, the women enjoy a worthwhile life under the warm care of the leader and the WPK. However, in south Korea, the women could not disburden their grieves even if they were violated their dignity, honor and life by the bestial Yankees.

Far from demanding apology from the Japanese brutes that deflowered a lot of Korean women, the south Korean ruling circles headed by Park Geun-hye bowed their knees to the Japs and advertise the submission as a “success”.

An executive secretary of an institute of women’s human rights stressed as following in her article.

 “President Kim Il Sung created the Juche-oriented theory of emancipation of women and realized it for the first time to put forward the women, who suffered and were not mentioned in history for thousands of years, as the makers of history. He defined the women’s status and role as one of the wheels of history and made them valuable being to develop the society. His favor and benefit will never be forgettable. The DPRK where the women’s dignity is in high altitude and their rights are fully exercised is a paradise of women.”

A woman professor at Seoul National University said as following. “In the DPRK, the women, who had suffered from the contemptuous treatment and been trampled down their political rights in the unequal society, are respected by the people working as teacher, scientist, artist and doctor. It is owing to President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il.”

Now, the south Korean women confirm their firm conviction that the DPRK women will enjoy a more worthwhile life under the warm care of supreme leader Kim Jong Un who succeeds to the politics of benevolence of the preceding leaders.

 “The long-cherished paradise of the women is the DPRK”, “The politics of benevolence is so yearning. I wonder when we live under the supreme leader’s care.” These are the voices of ardent reverence for the supreme leader who provides the most blessed and dignified life to the women.

The south Korean women should wage a struggle for the national reunification under the banner of “By the Korean Nation Itself” to live a blessed life. Only when the Korean nation advance straightly along the glorious way toward reunification which supreme leader Kim Jong Un has shown them, the entire Korean women as well as women of the DPRK will enjoy a happy life.

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