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Last Days of Accomplices

Park Geun-hye’s close yes-men, An Bong-geun and Lee Jae-man were indicted for embezzling 4 billion won (4 million US$) by the prosecution.  

No sooner had Park won the presidency than she demanded the National Intelligence Service to offer special fund of millions won.

The NIS donated five million won (5 000 US$) to all secretary’s offices under the Cheongwadae secretary’s office every month from 2015 to 2016. The senior secretary’s offices of Cheongwadae spent the money under the excuse of entertaining guests.

An Bong-geun, former senior presidential secretary for information embezzled 100 million won (100 000 US$) and Lee Jae-man misappropriated 50 million won (50 000 US$) every month.   

 All Park’s yes-men are reduced to prisoners and the case would fan out to other secretaries of Cheongwadae under the Park group.

 On Nov. 11, Kim Gwan-jin, former defense minister and a head of policy department of the Ministry of National Defense, who had been involved in distracting public opinion in 2012 presidential election, were brought into custody.

The present situation eloquently shows that those, who embezzled and squandered the money extracted from the people to keep power and lead a dissipated life, are bound to be prisoners. 
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