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Laughable joint military rehearsal

     Of late, the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln made its way into international waters of the Korean Peninsula to carry out a joint military exercise with the maritime “Self-Defense Force” of Japan.

The exercise was aimed at detection and interception of north Korean ballistic missiles.

The brass hats of the south Korean military and commander of US armed forces in south Korea got on the aircraft carrier to exchange information of north Korea and had a confab to cope with contingency in the Korean Peninsula.

The joint military game, timed to coincide with this, was another adventurous provocation against north Korea.  

However, it is ludicrous act.

The Korean People’s Army has tremendous military muscle enough to deter any dangerous military provocation and it is ready to drive any attack of the enemy.

It is strategic option and inflexible determination of north Korea to beef up powerful nuclear war deterrence both in quality and quantity to cope with possible crisis.

The mighty north Korean military strength is an absolute and invincible self-defensive nuclear war deterrence for its dignity, peace and eternal security of the generations to come.

North Korea remains unperturbed in defiance of war confabs and provocations made by the US and its vassal forces.

It only betrays true color and idle boast of the belligerent forces.

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