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Leader Kim Jong Il inspects a unit of the KPA

Leader Kim Jong Il inspects a unit of the KPA
Songun, Treasured Sword for National Prosperity and Reunification
56 years have passed since leader Kim Jong Il started the Songun-based leadership.

August 25, 1960.

Since then, Songun idea fathered by President Kim Il Sung has developed into the ever-victorious political idea of socialism and the invincible Songun revolutionary armed forces have recorded heroic epic.

The destiny of a nation can be carved out successfully only by a peerless great person who impersonates the desire of the nation.

Leader Kim Jong Il was the general of Mt. Paektu who safeguarded the sovereignty of the nation and peace on the Korean Peninsula and glorified the dignity of the nation to the world with Songun politics. He was a peerless patriot and national hero who opened up June 15 reunification era with his Songun politics to perform the immortal exploits for the cause of national reunification.

Succeeding to the Songun idea of the President, he, with his firm will to safeguard the sovereignty of the nation and reunify the country by dint of Songun, enforced the Songun-based leadership for over 50 years.

His Songun revolution was the path to save the nation and achieve the national reunification. Thanks to his Songun-based leadership, the Korean nation could smash the trigger-happy forces’ vicious war maneuvers against the DPRK and greeted the June 15 reunification era, a fresh turning point of reunification movement.

Songun is the powerful treasured sword to safeguard the security and life of the nation with strong military capability.

Peace can be ensured only by the strong armaments. It is inevitable that a nation without a powerful military muscle would be under the jackboot of outsiders. The distress-torn history of the Korean nation under the Japanese colonial rule has proved that a weak military capability leads to a ruined nation. Now, the aggressive color of the imperialists has in no way changed and, as days go by, they are becoming all the more outspoken in their scheme to start a war.

It is entirely attributable to Songun politics that the peace on the Korean Peninsula, the world’s biggest hotspot, is preserved.

Songun is the inspiring banner arousing the Korean nation to the reunification movement with national pride.

The master of the national reunification is the Korean nation itself and the reunification depends on the role of the Korean people at home and abroad. The national reunification could be achieved when the people wage a struggle with a steadfast consciousness of national independence and dignity, national pride and honor.

The marvelous June 15 reunification era is unthinkable without Songun politics of leader Kim Jong Il who checked all kinds of anti-reunification moves of the separatists within and without and bolstered up the driving force of the national reunification.

It is a brilliant fruition of Songun that the patriotism and consciousness of national independence are prevalent in the north, south and overseas and various circles of people turn out in the reunification movement.

Now, Chairman Kim Jong Un succeeds to the cause of Songun revolution of the preceding leaders to open up a wide avenue to peace and independent reunification.

Led by Chairman Kim Jong Un, the national pride is high and it is the truth that his Songun-based leadership will bring about the independent reunification and peaceful prosperity.

With Chairman Kim Jong Un at the helm, the exploits of Songun revolution of leader Kim Jong Il will go down for generations and only victory and glory are in store for the Korean nation advancing under the banner of Songun.

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