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Leader’s Army

Every country has its own army.
But, there is only one army worthy to be called as an invincible army in the world.

That is none other than the Korean People’s Army, the powerful revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu, which is recognized by the world.

Since the foundation on April 25, 1932, it has won consecutive victories in its acute confrontation with the imperialist powers. Then what is the source of its invincibility?

The correct answer is that the KPA is led by the leader.

  President Kim Il Sung proclaims the founding of the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerilla Army

President Kim Il Sung, founder of the KPA and a legendary commander, created the Juche-oriented military ideas which put forward the masses of soldiers as the most powerful beings, as the decisive factor for victory in war. By drawing on these ideas, he defeated the one-million-strong Japanese army through a 15-year-long armed struggle and achieved the historic cause of national liberation. In the 1950s, he inflicted an ignominious defeat on the US imperialists boasting itself as the “strongest” in the world, the first of its kind in its history, to defend with honor the dignity and sovereignty of his country.

Chairman Kim Jong Il, who carried forward the cause of President Kim Il Sung, trained all the soldiers to be strong in ideas and faith and led the campaign for defending socialism to victory on the strength of arms in the 1990s.

Now, led by Supreme Commander Marshal Kim Jong Un, who is identical with the President and the Chairman, the KPA is being honored as the leader’s army and all-around army qualified politically and ideologically, militarily and technologically in the eyes of the world.

 Marshal Kim Jong Un meets and inspires the commanding personnel of combined units of the KPA who take part in the study tour of revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt. Paektu
 The entire army is brimming over with the revolutionary soldier spirit, the core of which is the soldiers’ absolute trust and loyalty to their supreme commander. All the soldiers trust their supreme commander and follow him, regarding him as their father, as the mainstay of their destiny, and are firmly rallied behind him. A well-regulated system whereby the entire army moves as one under the supreme commander’s order has been established, and all the officers and men are prepared to dedicate even their lives for their supreme commander.

Wherever they are, the soldiers miss their leader only and have the indomitable spirit that if they fail to return to his embrace in their lifetime, they would return after death. The spirit makes the KPA smash any enemy in the world with a single blow.

Some nations so-called big powers shrink before the high-handedness and arbitrariness of the US and the several countries have been trampled down by the US-led allied forces. However, socialist Korea remains unperturbed, because it is supported by the KPA, the leader’s army strong in the faith in socialism.   

Now, the KPA gets unite around Marshal Kim Jong Un ring upon ring and is equipped with self-defensive nuclear arms. While the US and south Korean bellicose forces stage the largest-ever war drills against the DPRK with nukes, the strongest KPA smashes the enemy’s aggressive maneuvers at every step to safeguard the dignity and security of the country with honor.

The powerful revolutionary armed force led by the brilliant commander.

Under the wise leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un, unparalleled illustrious commander, the KPA will demonstrates its invincible might forever.
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