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Let us avert the second Korean War through nationwide action for peace against war!

     June, in which the Korean War had been unleashed, has come.  

It is June 25, 1950 that the US made a thundering noise of war by instigating pro-US lackeys.

The Korean War unleashed by the US 72 years ago was the most atrocious war unprecedented in the world and unethical sin that produced barbarous manslaughter and destruction surpassing brutality committed by the successive homicidal maniacs.    

With the outbreak of the war on Sunday, the Korean nation had to suffer disastrous death and experience the history of cruelty.

By carpet bombing, bombardment and random firing committed by the US and its mercenaries in the three year-long war, the Korean Peninsula had been reduced to ashes and millions of innocent people shed their blood.     

Scars of ferocious massacre and corpses exclaim that south Korea should not be a tragic theater of war and a bloody river again.  

The Korean Peninsula has been clouded with powder smoke and the people are in the clutches of war for over 70 years after the ceasefire owing to the US, the ringleader of aggression, and the belligerent force.

The people never want a war and never wish a reproduction of the second Korean War. However, the foreign force and war-thirsty group in south Korea have gone against the people’s aspiration.

They are terribly busy with their efforts to ignite the fuse of war against the DPRK.  

The US President and the south Korean chief executive declared in public the strangulation of and confrontation with the DPRK, picking on the DPRK over its self-defensive measure. They stated the US’s offer of the extended deterrence, deployment of the US strategic triad in the Korean Peninsula and expansion of the south Korea-US joint military exercises according to the extremely dangerous operation plan against the DPRK.     

The south Korean chief executive, who made the building of the Ministry of Defense as his office building, spat out vitriol such as “preemptive attack” and “strike on the origin” to goad the military to push showdown with the DPRK under the guise of “action first, inform later”. The brass hats overheated with war fever claim about strong response to “nuclear and missile threat from the DPRK”.  

With the re-advent of Japan as a war state by backing of the US, military tie-up between south Korea, the US and Japan with an aim at stifling the DPRK militarily is being pushed ahead.  

“Three-axis strike system”, the core of preemptive strike on the DPRK, was specified in the military white paper, the “theory of principal enemy” is revived and the spiritual education describing the DPRK as the enemy into minds of the officers and soldiers becomes serious.   

More than 90 fighters including F-35A and F-16 called strategic assets for preemptive strike on the DPRK were involved in a large-scale aerial joint drill, while strategic bombers, tanker planes and reconnaissance planes were flying over the Korean Peninsula.    

The nuclear-powered aircraft carriers Ronald ReaganAbraham Lincoln and Aegis destroyers belonging to the US 7th Fleet make a voyage to the Korean Peninsula to conduct military exercises with different missions to destroy the DPRK leadership and nuclear facilities.     

The above-said facts show that south Korea is the source of escalating the danger of war and fomenting confrontation.

The second Korean War is not supposition but imminent.

A new war in the Korean Peninsula is a nuclear war.

The nuclear war would lead to devastation of the Korean Peninsula and national ruin.

The horrible sight of nuclear cloud makes the people’s hair stand on end.

Intense action for peace against war is the choice of the people at the crossroads of nuclear war or peace and nuclear holocaust or death.  

Peace is not made by request or begging.

The only remedy for removing the fuse of nuclear war is a resolute action of the people.

Broad segments of people desirous of peace should turn out in a vigorous struggle for peace against war to avert the second Korean War inviting the national ruin.

The fierce action for peace against war should frustrate the vicious nuclear war move of the south Korean and the US warmongers.

The people from all walks of life should lift up their voices of “Withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea!”, “Opposition to joint military exercise!” and “Removal of the US military bases in south Korea!” across south Korea.

The belligerent south Korean and the US groups, war hardware and THAAD should be withdrawn from south Korea.

The south Korea-US alliance, which reduced south Korea to a colony of the US and is going to plunge the Korean nation into the nuclear disaster, should be dismantled.

The south Korea-US joint declaration, which brings nuclear holocaust and throws south Korea into an abyss of domination and subordination, should be annulled.   

The people should vehemently denounce the confrontation policy of the present authorities and the military which fawn upon the US as dammed anti-national act and foolery rare to be seen in the world.    

The warlike force, which declared the same brethren as the enemy and asserted the “theory of principal enemy”, should be liquidated as the enemy of the nation.   

The hectic moves of the military, a shock brigade for executing the US hostile policy toward the DPRK, to take part in the US–led multinational joint drill should be frustrated.   

The tripartite military nexus and cooperation between south Korea, the US and Japan, which add fuel to a potential war in the Korean Peninsula and serve as a malignant tumor to the world peace, should be demolished.

The people are the driving force to avert the second Korean War.

The people from all social standings should preserve the blue sky of durable peace in the Korean Peninsula by launching an unyielding struggle to foil despicable bid of the US and Yoon Suk-yeol clique to ignite a new war.



The Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front

June 25, 2022


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