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Let us launch a vigorous action for peace against war!

Ulji Freedom Shield, a large-scale nuclear war drill against north Korea is being staged in south Korea now.

Joint field maneuver with a drastic extension of its scale is carried out and even citizens are committed to the civil defense training.

Moreover, even the US space force is mobilized in the drill for the first time in history and more than 30 joint field maneuvers are being conducted according to a scenario called “urgent switch to war”.

Ulji Freedom Shield is being staged hysterically for carrying out the plan for the nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula which had been concretized as well as formulated at the US, Japan and south Korea summit held in the US.

The present situation urgently requires the whole people to turn out in all-out action for smashing the aggressive maneuvers of the US and the south Korean warmongers and safeguarding peace.

People from various circles should wage a fierce nationwide action to hold in check the US-south Korea joint military drills at once, facing up to reality which a calamity of nuclear war stares themselves in the face.

All the people should kindle the flames of massive struggle to break up the aggressive and subordinate south Korea-US alliance and banish the USFK, the root of evil causing every disaster, to America throughout south Korea.

Broad strata of south Korean people should furthermore energetically conduct a nationwide campaign to remove Yoon Suk-yeol, a war servitor of the US and Japan from the presidency.

South Korean people from all walks of life including workers, peasants and young students who value independence, justice and peace should fight against the US, war and Yoon in perfect harmony till all is blue.

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