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Let us throw overboard Chun Doo-hwan and his descendants with nationwide curse and stern punishment!

It has been forty years since the Gwangju Popular Uprising.

Wailing of Gwangju citizens are echoing

The spirit of fallen uprisers is being heard.

The “forces under the Martial Law” killed innocent civilians without distinction at Gwangju in peacetime. It is the unprecedented homicide. 

The identity of murderers, who turned Gwangju into a sea of blood, has remained in the shade and unpunished.   

The conservative forces including the opposition United Future Party have covered up the fact of Gwangju massacre and clamored about the revival of dictatorship. 

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Gwangju Popular Uprising, the AINDF Central Committee issues an appeal with firm will of the south Korean people to throw overboard descendants of despotism.


The circumstance of massacre forty years ago was the history of crime riddled with trickery and intrigue of the chief culprit and his descendants to sweep under the carpet the history of their hideous crimes.

The protagonists are the descendants of military fascist dictatorial group, that is, conservative forces including the UFP.  

They degraded the uprising as a riot, uprisers a group of monster and a special unit of north Korea. They branded them “left wing organization following north Korea” and “spokesman for north Korea.”

They praised Chun, who outdid Hitler’s cruelty, Tojo’s atrocity and Park Chung-hee’s brutality, as a “hero” and prevented song “March for Dear Ones” from being played at memorial services, clamoring it as a symbol of north Korea’s supporting force aiming at system change.  

Chun, far from admitting his order of massacre, had the face to say that he did not ordered his men to open fire at the uprisers and he is one of victim of the uprising. He even wrote his memoirs full of fabrication.      

He stubbornly persisted in he had not even a penny when the court decided to return one hundred million worth possessions. He idled his days away with golf and denied all the indicted facts at a trial with the excuse that he suffers senile dementia. He even drowsed in the trial, thus made fun of the public.

The chief criminals and its descendants are running around south Korea like headless chickens. It is an insult to the uprisers.

Recovery of conservatism is just one of Gwangju massacre.  

The recovery of conservatism would reduce south Korea to tundra of democracy, the people’s rights and to a theater of traitorous flunkeyist forces and fascist rowdyism.

The noble desire of uprisers would not be realized and another Gwangju massacre would occur unless the conservative forces including the UFP are eliminated.  

Dear people of all social strata!

Making a clear riddance of conservatism is a problem requiring an urgent solution for carrying out social great reform and building a genuine democratic society.

Let us uproot the descendants of Gwangju massacre and conservative forces in the spirit of the Gwangju Popular Uprising!

Let put the UFP, which defamed the Gwangju massacre and harbored Chun, capital punishment together with the chief criminal.

Let us achieve genuine democracy and civil rights, desire of the uprisers, and build a new society through a nationwide struggle!

The Gwangju Popular Uprising engraved upon the hearts of the south Koreans that the US is not a protector, supporter and ally of the south Koreans but the most heinous bloodthirsty felon and an irreconcilable enemy. It taught a serious lesson that dependence on foreign forces leads to death.

At that time, the Gwangju uprisers and citizens had been obsessed by illusion that the US would never remain a passive onlooker to suppression of the military fascist clique.

Even they reposed expectation that the US would not tolerate the massacre and check it.

However, it is a pipedream.

The US was not on side of the Gwangju citizens.

On the contrary, the US rejected the Gwangju citizens’ request and handed over the representatives of resistance to the military clique. 

As like in the past, the US is not an ally but a suzerain.

The dependence on the US leads to death and national ruin.

The history of humiliation goes on by the traitors to the nation, oblivious of a lesson of the massacre.  

They fail to utter even a word of protest against the US demanding the hike of defense share cost and are busy with their efforts to build up the military strength and war games against north Korea.

It is high time to part with the US.

Do not depend on the US any more.

Be disillusioned with the US!  

Let us demonstrate national mettle in the spirit of the uprisers unafraid of death!

A guide to the foreign force should be removed in order to put an end to domination and rule of the foreign forces.  

A genuine independent society would be built only when the pro-US elements are eliminated and rotten politics is brought to an end. 

Let us drive out kowtowing politicians and conservative forces, which inflict humiliation upon the people and resort to the south Korea-US alliance, from the political world! 

Let us strive for writing a new history of politics existing by itself and exercising the right to racial self-determination!

Realization of independence, democracy and reunification is the unanimous demand of the public.

The people’s desire is not achieved of their own accord.

It is possible only through the struggle.

Marking the 40th anniversary of the Gawngju Popular Uprising, the broad spectrum of civic organizations are waging a vigorous action in demand of strict investigation into the massacre and stern punishment of Chun and chief criminals.  

Enthusiasm of the Gwangju resistance is ardent and an indomitable spirit of the uprisers is still alive in the minds of the people of various circles.

No one can check the people’s efforts to achieve national independence and peace and lead a dignified life in a democratic new society.  

Together with the people, the AINDF will surely accomplish the desire of the uprisers by punishing those responsible for the massacre and accelerating dynamic action for making a clean sweep of the conservative forces.


AINDF Central Committee

May 18, 2020


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