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Let’s realize the national independence

 The South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration and Overseas Side Committee held “New Year’s meeting” to discuss the orientation of 2022.

Chairmen of the South Side Permanent Representative and Overseas Side Committee asserted that it is historical task of the national joint committee for the June 15 joint declaration to take the lead in making peaceful and prosperous Korean peninsula by dint of our nation itself through their greetings.

The south Korean people of all strata insist the suspension of the south Korea-US combined military drill

The South Side Committee expressed its will to make a stubborn action for mending the inter-Korean relations and the realization of the inter-Korean joint declaration against the US policy for world hegemony and unjust pressure. It determined to brisk vigorous action against the south Korea-US joint military maneuver through the solidarity of the south Koreans, overseas Koreans and the international organizations for peace against war.

The Overseas Committee hardened its determination to launch an obstinate campaign for the peace and turning point in national reunification in unity with robust driving forces desirous of independent reunification expressing its assent of the South Side Committee.

The participants hardened their resolves to launch widespread drive for the national independence against foreign forces this year.


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