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Life for National Reunification

Chairman Kim Jong Il signs the inter-Korean joint declaration with Kim Dae-jung

Life for National Reunification

When December comes, the Korean nation feels an irresistible yearning for leader Kim Jong Il.

Leader Kim Jong Il put his heart and soul for national reunification.

Set it as his lifelong mission to achieve national reunification, he gave an energetic guidance to carry through the behests of President Kim Il Sung for the reunification. He made a breakthrough in history of national division riddled with distrust and confrontation for decades to instill hope of and confidence in reunification into all the fellow countrymen.

With firm creed that Korea’s reunification must be achieved by the Korean nation itself, he defined the ideas and principles of the President for national reunification as the three charters for national reunification and set forth the idea of “By Our Nation Itself” for reunifying the nation independently.

The Korean nation entrusted their destiny to leader Kim Jong Il who opened a wide avenue to great national unity with his patriotic noble virtue and personality. Under his prominent leadership, the inter-Korean summit was held in Pyongyang for the first time in the history of Korea’s division and the June 15 reunification era was ushered in.

 He strengthened the Juche-oriented driving force of the Korean nation for victorious achievement of the national reunification. He safeguarded the dignity and sovereignty of the nation and maintained the lifeline of reunification movement in fierce confrontation with the separatists within and without.

He saw to it that the movement for national reunification was developed into a nationwide one by arousing the Korean people at home and abroad to the movement.

Holding the banner of Songun, he bolstered up nation’s defense capability to achieve national reunification. The DPRK became a nuclear state and military power with nuclear deterrence.

Saying that leader Kim Jong Il, who performed imperishable exploits for independent reunification, peace and prosperity, is the eternal lodestar of national reunification, the south Korean people make up their minds to strive for the reunification.

For his immortal feats, leader Kim Jong Il is the eternal lodestar of national reunification whose life is of great father of nation for reunification.

Now, the future of the nation is bright as the Korean nation venerates Chairman Kim Jong Un who is identical with leader Kim Jong Il in the van of national reunification.

Thanks to outstanding leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un who succeeds to the patriotic spirit of leader Kim Jong Il, Korea’s reunification will be surely achieved without fail.
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