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Life of devotion to country and people

Kim Jong Il, eternal General Secretary of the WPK and

Chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission

Life of devotion to country and people

February 16 of this year is the 71st birthday of Chairman Kim Jong Il, father of the Korean nation. 

It was the starting point and general target of all his thinking and activities to build a Juche-oriented powerful country with a great national power in which everything thrives true to President Kim Il Sung’s lifetime intention. 

When the Korean revolution was undergoing the hardest time he firmly defended the gains of socialism, the invaluable legacy bequeathed by the President, and laid powerful political, military and economic foundations for the eternal prosperity of the nation. This is the greatest of his achievements made for the revolutionary cause of Juche. 

He was the artist of the people’s happiness who worked hard to translate their ideals into reality with untiring efforts and devotion. 

He used to say that it was his honest wish to give honor to the people by getting beautiful flowers into blooms even on the stone if they want. 

His immense devotion to the country and people constitutes the core in his leadership traits.

Thanks to his leadership of giving top priority to their interests and subordinating everything to them, the advantages of Korean socialism centered on the people were given fuller play. 

The uninterrupted forced march of field guidance he made for the country and people for decades was the quintessence of his devotion to the people.

He had always placed the people above him, regarded the revolution as devoted love for the people and dedicated his all to their well-being without leaving anything for himself. 

It was the Kwangbok Area Supermarket that he visited in the last period of his life.

At that time he said: 

I feel happiest when I have done something for the people. Their happiness and pleasure are just mine. It is my unshakable will and determination to give the people the best things.

His inspection tours of devotion brought about many eye-opening events unprecedented in the history of the nation, translating into reality the cherished ideals and desire of the people one after another. 

The forced march he had continued day and night irrespective of biting cold and boiling heat was a long journey of love for and trust in the army and people.

Solely for the sake of the people! For the building of a prosperous country! This was the noble intention he had kept for all his life. 

The DPRK people will build the great Paektusan nation without fail under the leadership of the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Unwho is identical with Chairman Kim Jong Il.

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