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Liquidation of subordinated south Korea-US alliance

 Lately, broad spectrum of south Korean people express their strong anti-US sentiments, condemning south Korea-US alliance with US President Biden’s junket to Seoul.

Civil organizations including the Joint Action for Withdrawal of the US Army” sharply protested against Biden’s tour for war preparation across south Korea by holding news conferences, publication of statements and demonstrations.  

155 civil organizations expressed their objections to deployment of the US strategic assets and discontinuance of the south Korea-US joint military drill through statements, while bitterly denouncing the south Korea-US military alliance, strengthening of south Korea, US and Japanese military cooperation and the hostile policy toward north Korea.

Civil organizations of various circles had rallies, wearing jackets written with “Oppose to Biden’s junket”, “Stop military drill for preemptive nuclear strike against north Korea”, “Dissolution of south Korea-US alliance”, “Liquidation of warmongers Yoon Suk-yeol group” and “Withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea”. They tore the picture of Biden and the Stars and Stripes to pieces and burnt a placard written “south Korea-US nexus” and had a recitation of poem outside the US embassy in Seoul.

The students belonging to the Progressive Federation of Students of south Korea had surprise demonstration shouting slogans against the US President’s tour of Seoul outside the hotel where Biden stays.

Meanwhile, the south Korean people of different strata issued future action plans to make stubborn action for the withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea.


Carrying the anti-US slogans
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