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Lodestar of reunification revered by the Korean people

South Koreans highly eulogize the immortal achievements made by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who devoted all their energies to hand down a reunified country to the Korean nation.

President Kim Il Sung felt more painful than anybody else over the nation’s misfortune caused by the national division. For that reason, he dedicated his heart and soul to achieve national reunification until the last moment of his life. Handing down a reunified and prosperous country to the Korean nation was the intention of the President, a resident in Ulsan noted.

Uncountable are famous works of President Kim Il Sung for national reunification.

Thanks to his will to reunify the country, the historic Joint Conference of Representatives of Political Parties and Public Organizations in South and North Korea was convened and the July 4 Joint Statement was issued to provide a fundamental principle for reunification. He wrote his last signature on a historic document concerning the country’s reunification. There are no great men such as the President who bent his mind to the national destiny, a historian in Incheon said.

The south Koreans of every degree highly laud Chairman Kim Jong Il who dedicated his all to the improvement of inter-Korean ties and the country’s reunification with his iron will to carry out the President’s behest for national reunification without fail.

Chairman Kim Jong Il had performed the undying exploits to carry through Kim Il Sung’s instructions for reunification. The Chairman ensured that the monument dedicated to President Kim Il Sung’s last autograph was built in the truce village of Panmunjom to hand down his patriotic noble intention to posterity, a reunification champion in Busan said. 

Chairman Kim Jong Il laid a solid foundations for the national reunification and eternal prosperity of the nation. Thanks to firm will and moral repute of the Chairman who joined hands with anyone who sincerely loves the country and nation the June 15 reunification era of reconciliation and unity was opened, terminating history of national division riddled with distrust and face-off.

The adoption of the June 15 Joint Declaration and the October 4 Declaration are the imperishable achievements made by Chairman Kim Jong Il. The historic inter-Korean declarations are the banners the Korean nation should uphold. The great exploits he performed for the sacred cause of national reunification will go down to posterity, a journalist who had visited Pyongyang stated.

The driving force for national reunification is the Korean nation itself. The Korean nation wishes reunification and they are performer of the reunification. The realization of national reunification is possible when the Korean nation takes a positive approach towards the idea of by the Korean nation itself.

It is the truth learned by the Korean nation through the June 15 reunification era that national reunification is guaranteed in the course of embodying the idea of the by the Korean nation itself, a Cheju islander stated at a meeting. 

President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, who devoted their lives to the country’s reunification, will live on in the memory of the south Korean people. Indeed, they are peerless patriots and the eternal sun of the nation that history of humankind has not ever known. Their achievements of national reunification will go down along with history of the country, a professor in Gwangju told his students.

The south Koreans’ ardent admiration for the President and the Chairman are developing into their fervent reverence for Kim Jong Un who is thoroughly carrying through the preceding leaders’ ideologies and lines of national reunification.

Now the south Koreans from every background are conducting a vigorous drive to mend inter-Korean relations and achieve the country’s reunification true to the intention and will of Kim Jong Un, another peerless great person, revering him in high esteem as the sun of national reunification.

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