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Lofty Picture of Love for People

In September, 6 counties and city along the Tuman River in North Hamgyong Province of the DPRK were inundated with flood waters for the first time in history. The disaster area was completely destroyed and the world people wondered about the feasibility of the rehabilitation. The US-led hostile forces, which have watched thirstily for a chance to collapse the unique socialist Korea, directed the spearhead of their anti-socialist offensive to the DPRK.

With ardent love for the people, the DPRK has surmounted severe natural calamities and smashed the enemies’ desperate bids.

Chairman Kim Jong Un, who has been solicitous about the life of the people in the flood-stricken area, made sure to build the best houses for those who were flooded out and showed the love to provide necessities of life for them. Under his meticulous care, the people could keep off the cold and heal the effects of the flood.

In hearty response to his order of love for the people, the Korean People’s Army, the main force of revolution, and heroic youth of Mt. Paektu were mobilized ahead of the others for the reconstruction of disaster areas. Among the pillars to carry out the party’s policies from all parts of the country, there are constructors from Ryomyong Street that is nearing completion. In order to allay the Chairman’s apprehensions, the entire people donated everything to the people in the flood-stricken area and affections of harmonious family upholding the Chairman as father were deepened during those days. The socialist paradise, which the world is envious of, has been built in the disaster area by his love and people’s affections.

The miracle of turning adversity into favorable condition created in the fierce showdown with the hostile elements is attributable to warm love and wise leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un who regards the mode of existence of WPK to make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people.

During the 50 day-long rehabilitation, the DPRK people felt down in their hearts that they have nothing to afraid of and are always happy under the warm care of the Chairman. The hurrahs for the Chairman and the WPK throughout the country will reverberate forever with the advancing socialism of the DPRK where the people are united single-heartedly around the leader.

The DPRK being led by Chairman Kim Jong Un, the father of people, is the world’s unique promised land of people.
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