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Lofty Revolutionary Career

Kim Jong Il, eternal general secretary of the WPK and
eternal chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK
Lofty Revolutionary Career
South Koreans are brimming with an immense yearning for and speaking in highest terms of Chairman Kim Jong Il who had devoted his whole life to the country and nation.

 “We cannot govern our feeling when we see a documentary film showing field guidance of Chairman Kim Jong Il as it reflects ardent image of him who spent whole life with his superhuman self-sacrificing spirit.

Looking back upon the history, there is no leader in any era such as Chairman Kim Jong Il who lived and finished life on his way to field guidance.”

 “Chairman Kim Jong Il was an incarnation of patriotism who loved the country and nation than anybody else. So the south Koreans and Koreans overseas of different strata are burning with an immense yearning for him.”

The above-said facts reflect the south Koreans’ infinite admiration for the Chairman who dedicated his all to the country and nation.

Thanks to his unflagging devotion, the dignity and sovereignty of the nation was firmly defended in the grimmest days and north Korea has been highlighted as a political and military giant that no formidable enemy dares provoke. 

Therefore, the south Koreans have greatly admired him as a distinguished leader of the nation. It is a firm conviction of the south Koreans that Chairman Kim Jong Il is the sun of Songun, peerless patriot and the tender-hearted father of the nation.

The groups from various walks of life including the Pan-national Alliance of Youth and Students for Korea’s Reunification widely introduced the revolutionary life and imperishable achievements of Kim Jong Il on their websites.

“In history of politics, an idea based on benign administration was born and there were some politicians who made a bid for popularity by a virtue. However, no politics for love and trust in people is found except the politics of Chairman Kim Jong Il.”

“The benevolent image of Kim Jong Il, who regards ‘The people are my God’ as his motto like President Kim Il Sung and finds his pleasure in working for the people and takes delight in people’s happiness, will be recorded in history of the nation as the image of the people’s leader, statesman for people and the sun of the nation.”

The south Korean websites posted articles and videos under the titles “Chairman Kim Jong Il is to be revered in the history of humanity for all ages,” “The soul of Kim Jong Il, the sun of the nation, will be remembered in the hearts of the people” and “Chairman Kim Jong Il is the eternal lodestar of reunification who opened up the road of inter-Korean reconciliation through the publication of June 15 Joint Declaration and the October 4 Declaration.”

A south Korean military critic stated Chairman Kim Jong Il defended the destiny of the nation by dint of Songun and went on:

“Thanks to the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il, the imperialists’ scheme to strangle north Korea met a miserable end. The Korean nation felt national pride through the might of Songun of north Korea that made US, styling itself the world’s sole super power, bite the dust. Chairman Kim Jong Il, who demonstrated the dignity of the nation, was the greatest general. With the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il, the June 15 reunification era of national independence and great national unity was opened.”

The great revolutionary career and undying achievements of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the eternal sun of the Korean nation, will shine long in the in the hearts of the nation.    

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