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Looking down Gangnam ward in Seoul from Kyongru-dong in Pyongyang

     Kyongru-dong is the terraced residential district built on the hill near the picturesque Pothong River.

The Pothong River was flooded by a few hour-long rain and the flood swept everything away before Korea’s liberation. The luxurious residences have been built to be admired by the world people.   

It was built on a little hill.

However, it is the highest peak of people from which we can see luxury dwelling houses and downtowns of the world.



People’s paradise, blessed land of the privileged circle


Who are owners of the luxurious residences?

They are weavers, trolley bus drivers, locomotive engineers, workers involved in fuel industry, work-team leaders of thermal power plant, street cleaners, intellectuals and men of culture.

The working people are living at the luxurious residences which are hard to afford in the capitalist society.

There are many luxurious districts of their own styles in the world.

Is there any ordinary people who enjoy luxury like the people living at Kyongru-dong in Pyongyang?

Flickering Gangnam ward in Seoul looks shabby and deserted.  

Gangnam ward in Seoul is an aggregate of very expensive luxurious dwelling houses.

One third of ministers and tens of lawmakers of south Korea including men of wealth are living at Gangnam ward.

Those who have exorbitant amount of money and are skillful in fraudulence and trickery are qualified to live at the ward.

Those who make little of the people and live in splendor by sucking all the juice from the people are owners of the ward.

It is not a paradise on earth for the rich.

It is the pit of hell for the working people who live below the poverty line.  

The people inferior to dogs and pigs are living at houses made of wooden board, vinyl and bandbox at slum in the ward.

Kyongru-dong is an earthly paradise for the working people. Gangnam ward is the heaven for the privileged class and hell for the working masses.

This is a live picture showing sharp contrast between the north and the south of Korea.



Supernatural being in heaven, ordinary people in hell


People are architect of social wealth and maker of prosperity and development.

According to attitude toward the greatest being in the world, true politics and faked politics are distinguished.

The ordinary working people are living at the luxurious residential district without paying even a penny. This is a vivid epitome that shows for whom the DPRK and the WPK work and what the essence of people-first doctrine is.  

The owners of luxurious dwelling houses in Kyongru-dong are “authoritarians” who exclaim cheers of hurray for the WPK and socialism.

Men and women of all ages in Kyongru-dong are boastful that they are supernatural beings in heaven.

Gangnam ward in Seoul is the breeding ground of speculative investment in real estate and synonym for it.

With the eye on skyrocketing price of Gangnam ward, all sorts of fraudulence are rampant. There is no room for the policy for the popular masses at the ward as it is reduced into a theater of speculative investment in real estate.  

A small minority of charmed circle passes their time idly with pleasure and self-indulgence and the poor people lead a wretched life under the veil of luxurious district. It is right to say Gangnam ward is the hell.

The prospect of Gangnam ward is all dark. It has wide gap between the rich and the poor with mixture of pleasure and despair, satiation and hunger.

The residents of Kyongru-dong say at the top of their throat that they are the dignified people, millionaires of moral excellence and tender feelings and enjoyers of a high level of civilization.



Thriving district, declining downtown   


If the popular masses, the creators of material wealth, are not enjoyers of downtowns with excellent illuminations, it is little better than a hell.

It can be called sunny downtown when it belongs to the people.   

Kyongru-dong is the epitome of luxurious residential district of socialism where the dignity of the people is displayed to the full and happiness is overflowing.

Kyongru-dong in Pyongyang is the epitome of happiness whereas Gangnam ward in Seoul is the height of decaying south Korea poisoned by pleasure.

Kyongru-dong in Pyongyang is the source of propagating the earthly paradise throughout north Korea.

Gangnam ward in Seoul is driven into a bottomless abyss of ruin under the anti-popular rule.

“Inundated Gangnam”

This is a headline of a newspaper telling submersion of slums and dead people in Gangnam ward by heavy rain.  

The capitalist society where money is everything is losing its existence.

 The light from Kyongru-dong can be likened to the sunrise whereas the light from Gangnam ward is the red light foretelling the decay of colonial backward society and reactionary social system.


* * *


Distinctions between the north and the south of Korea

It is a wide gap between the position of working people in the north and the south, fundamental differences between the politics for people and the politics for the privileged class and a big gulf between socialism and capitalism.

The fact of Kyongru-dong irrefutably proves it.

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