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Looking up to the lodestar of national reunification

Marshal Kim Jong Un, lodestar of Korea’s reunification
Looking up to the lodestar of national reunification
Now the Korean nation in the north and south of Korea and overseas are overfilled with the national pride and self-confidence after hearing the historic New Year Address delivered by the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Unthat instills a high aspirations of and confidence in reunification and national prosperity into all the fellow countrymen. 

The invincible spirit of north Korea that is on the march for building a socialist thriving nation and achieving national reunification closely rallied around the Marshal evokes a great response from the south Koreans.  

In recent, a south Korean Internet paper reported: 

“Political movement of supreme leader Kim Jong Un has aroused profound interest as it is the focus of the world’s attention. Google carried thousands of reports on the activities of First Chairman Kim Jong Un.  History has not registered a statesman who attracted interest of the world mass media such as Kim Jong Un.” “Ardent fidelity to leader as their father, simple and sincere minds united as one that knows only their leader, party and country. These are the strength and looks of north Korea. 

In other words, this is mightiness of north Korea. Led by Marshal Kim Jong Un, the future of north Korea is brighter and a socialist thriving nation and national reunification desired by Chairman Kim Jong Il will be realized without fail,” a south Korean personage wrote in his article titled “Mightiness of north Korea.” 

The south Korean people of various social strata express their feelings, saying they feel secure as they venerate Marshal Kim Jong Un who is identical to Kim Jong Il in idea and virtues, the prospects of the Korean nation and national reunification are rosy.   

 “North Korea is an invincible power rallied around its leader,” “North Korea is unconquerable as it is single-hearted united with the leader, the party and the masses,” and “The future of the Korean Peninsula will be decided by KPA Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un and the cause of Korea’s reunification will be achieved at all costs.”

These words are intense feelings of the south Koreans who have another peerless great man of Mt. Paektu and patriot on the highest post of the nation. In addition, it is the south Koreans’ praise for the revolutionary stamina of the KPA and north Korean people who bring about an epoch-making change with full of confidence in victory and optimism rallied around Marshal Kim Jong Un.  

A pro-reunification campaigner said with emotion at a meeting that Chairman Kim Jong Il gave a great sun to the Korean nation and the world people and mankind sees President Kim Il Sungand Chairman Kim Jong Il through First Chairman Kim Jong Un.  

 “In recent, supreme leader Kim Jong Un is the focus of world-wide attention. He would administer his politics based on Songun idea, theory and method. He flattens defiance of imperialists on the basis of solid foundation provided by the preceding leaders. North Korea firmly united with the leader and people will keep its track centered on supreme leader Kim Jong Un without the slightest vacillation,” a professor of politics in Seoul said. 

An Internet paper highly lauded that outstanding ideological and theoretical qualities and leadership of Kim Jong Un are admirable. He is another illustrious commander of Mt. Paektu with boldness to make the world look up to Kim Il Sung’s and Kim Jong Il’s Korea. 

It is a settled conviction of the south Korean people that led by Kim Jong Un dignity and sovereignty of the nation are firmly secured and the future of the nation is bright. They speak by the card. 

 “A great leader produces a great unity. Dear nation to be united at last! Declare to the world. We are living under the sky of great national unity set forth by the sun of the 21st century.”

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