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Looking up to the Sun

   The Day of Shining Star is near. When February comes round every year, the Korean nation always marks the day with irresistible yearning for the father of nation.

Greeting the day, the south Korean people recollect the immortal revolutionary exploits and noble life of Chairman Kim Jong Il with adoration.

Especially, looking back upon his exploits for the cause of national reunification, they have a great reverence and affection for him who loved the nation ardently.

Noting that Chairman Kim Jong Il, with the strongest will to reunify the country, set forth a lot of plans and methods for reunification, the south Korean people of various circles highly eulogized that the Chairman arranged the two rounds of historic inter-Korean summit meetings to made public inter-Korean joint declarations. It is attributable to his brilliant fruitions that tourism on Mt. Kumgang, the Kaesong Industrial Park and connection of inter-Korean railway, road and air, his achievements will go down along with the national history, they stressed.

Chairman Kim Jong Il signs the inter-Korean joint declaration with Kim Dae-jung

Noting that they are moved to tears when they think of him, the south Korean people who have seen the Chairman lay bare their heart.

Ihave seen many generals in the world. Of them, genuine general is Chairman Kim Jong Il. This is an eruption of emotion of a business tycoon as well as the south Korean admired by his greatness.

Chairman Kim Jong Il has photograph taken with Chung Joo-yung, the honorary CEO of Hyundai, Chung Mong-heon, the CEO of Hyundai Asan, and his suite

 The reverence of the south Korean people for the peerless great person who had worked his heart and soul to the nations prosperity throughout his life is a unanimous reflection of the people and it will be continued for generations.

Now the Korean nation has good luck to uphold supreme leader Kim Jong Un as the lodestar of national reunification who is identical with the Chairman.

Kim Jong Un immortalizes the exploits of the Chairman and enhances the national prestige all over the world. Led by the supreme leader who succeeded to the noble patriotic spirit of the Chairman, the Korean nation will achieve the national reunification under the banner of By the Korean Nation Itself.  The reunified Kim Jong Uns Korea will be prosperous and everlasting as a thriving nation.

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