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Media blame the opposition People’s Power Party


Newsis reported that the law on prohibition of scattering leaflets against north Korea was pushed ahead through legitimate procedures and was enforced according to the procedures of precedent and law of the Supreme Court.

The opposition People’s Power Party has a biased view on the law, the law is enacted for the people’s right to live and some civil groups got paid for scattering the leaflets. But the people living near the military demarcation line are suffering uneasiness, it noted.    

The PPP should have a deep thought of safety and security of one million residents living near the cease-fire line, it said. 

According to the Jaju Sibo, the Progressive Federation of University Students had a press conference on December 28, 2020. It said that content and aim of the anti-north Korean leaflets are despicable and undesirable. It carries unpleasant composite photographs and sends USB containing lasciviousness. What is worse, some people are going to send corona virus. The residents living near the armistice-line are thrown into constant fear. The leaflets fell on the sea and destroyed roof of a private house.  The resi dents turn out as one to curb the leaflet-scattering, the speakers at the press conference said.   

Park Sang-hak, a head of the north Korean defectors group, who has earned money through the leaflets-scattering, announced that he would submit a petition to the Constitutional Court, the Jaju Sibo said. The south Korean government should make every possible effort to keep the law. For the present, the government should bring Park to justice. It is just like to permit leaflet-scattering against north Korea as Park is at large though he made an assault upon a pressman and policeman, it noted.
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