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Meeting and parting for self-interest

The conservative organizations including the Liberty Korea Party and the New Conservative Party are making frantic effort to integrate conservative groups to gain more seats at 21st general election to be held in April this year.

Of late, the conservative groups formed a promotion committee at the second joint conference of the representatives in Seoul and decided to found a new party before Feb.10.

The unification of conservatives brings about a note of discord by the conflict of interests for their wicked ambition in the early stage.

The pro-Park Geun-hye group in the LKP insists that they will leave the party if the LKP is going to integrate the New Conservative Party without their apology and the group of the non-party in the NCP opposes against it.

The “Republican Party” and the Taeguki group asserted that they would never join together with them who agreed with impeachment of Park.

Broad segments of south Korean people are describing the unification of conservatives as a dogfight of dirty men and political migratory bird for their power.

According to a recent survey, the supporting rate of combined party is on the decrease by ten percentages and it shows that the conservative forces are displeased with it. 

The LKP, the NCP and other conservative groups have resorted to all sorts of sleight of hand to win popularity and change the unfavorable situation by uniting and parting under the cloak of “reform” and “unification”, however, they are doomed to ruin.

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