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Meeting on current situation

143 civil, labor, political parties and religious groups held meetings on the current situation in Seoul.

The speakers condemned Yoon Suk-yeol that he has been engrossed in treacherous acts, animosity against north Korea and pursued anti-popular misgovernment to trample down the right to live and labor since he took power.

Yoon’s reckless attempt to turn the history backwards by force of prosecution and governmental authority is beyond the limits during one year long term of his inauguration. The south Korean people of different strata should block Yoon’s violence in unity. Let’s get ready to counter it with the united efforts, they pointed out.

The meeting on the current situation in Seoul is planned to make a stubborn drive to punish the Yoon Suk-yeol clique every month from the 25th of March and expand the participation of the meeting into 300 organizations.

And they planned to launch the campaign against the Yoon regime among the south Korean people from all social standings and intensify it through various kinds of campaign.

They revealed Yoon’s barbarous suppression on labor, repressive security measure, economic crisis and destitution of people’s livelihood caused by war maneuvers. They called for them to launch an unrelenting campaign against Yoon Suk-yeol in great unity.

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