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Memorial service for two schoolgirls

A memorial service for Shin Hyo-sun and Sim Mi-sun, who had been killed by US army vehicle, took place at the scene of the accident on June 13, seventeen years ago.

Fourteen years-old two schoolgirls Shin and Sim were brutally killed by an armored vehicle of the US army in south Korea that had been involved in the war drill against north Korea.

Nevertheless, the US declared the GIs not guilty; it triggered off south Korean people’s towering anger and the two school girls’ death developed into a nationwide candlelight resistance.   

A memorial service for the two schoolgirls and opening ceremony of a park for two girls took place at the scene of the accident by sponsorship of a civic organization.


Permanent representative Moon Kyu-hyon of the People for Achieving Peace and Reunification said that the opening of the park is a manifestation of their will to investigate into the killing of the two girls to the end, always remembering their death.  

They chanted slogan against the US “The US should apologize”.

The south Korean people should drive out the GIs present in south Korea, the root of crime and murder, without delay.
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