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Milestone for Korea’s Reunification

It has been 16 years since the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration, was adopted at the inter-Korean summit held in Pyongyang for the first time in the history of Korea’s division.

The summit in June, 2000 was attributable to leader Kim Jong Il’s idea and line of national independence and great national unity as well as his strong sense of patriotism.

The publication of the June 15 Joint Declaration were an epochal event that provided the Korean nation with the milestone for  Korea’s reunification and an event of national significance that made a breakthrough in history of national division riddled with face-off and war. Thanks to the adoption of the declaration, it made it possible for the Korean nation to get an invincible banner to be maintained in the campaign to bring about a fresh era of independent reunification and wage the vigorous movement for national reunification with full confidence in and optimism about it.

In the course of implementing the joint declaration, the Korean nation removed distrust and confrontation to bring about contemporary changes of national reconciliation, unity and cooperation.

The June 15 Joint Declaration is an invariable milestone and banner for national reunification and the great feat of Leader Kim Jong Il will remain forever in the history of the nation.

To aspire after the declaration precisely means reunification and to deny it implies conflict and war.

It is the invariable and unanimous aspiration and will of all Koreans to preserve and implement the north-south declarations, great programs for reunification common to the nation. Unquenchable is the desire of all Koreans to support and implement the joint declaration.

Now Chairman Kim Jong Un, the great lodestar of reunification who is generous and has high virtue, stands at the head of the movement for national reunification.  

Looking up to his venerable image, the Korean nation is positive about the future of powerful and reunified Korea.

Sure is the victory of national reunification as Chairman Kim Jong Un leads the Korean nation and there are the June 15 Joint Declaration and the nation’s unwavering will to reunify the country.  

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