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Military confab against north Korea

On Nov. 14 and 15, the US and south Korea had the 44th meeting of military commission and the 51st annual security consultative meeting to persist in military pressure against north Korea.

The joint statement issued at the meeting said that they’ll consolidate military readiness and combined defense, reaffirm offer of extended deterrence of the US and nukes to south Korea, keep security cooperation between south Korea, the US and Japan against north Korea.

At the 6th defense ministerial meeting of ASEAN nations held on Nov.17 in Thailand, defense minister meeting between south Korea, the US and Japan and south Korea-Japan were held to consolidate military collusion against north Korea.

 It was very dangerous discussion to escalate the tension on the Korean Peninsula and make the situation unstable as it’s aiming to put the pressure upon north Korea with military confrontation and pressure through strength from A to Z.

 Due to the reckless military provocation and confrontation of the US, Japan and south Korean warmongers, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is driven to a more uncontrollable catastrophe.

The offer of extended deterrence and military readiness against north Korea touted by south Korean and the US military is an open military declaration against north Korea.

The south Korean military warmongers are giving green light to the plan for invasion of north Korea fabricated by the US and Japan under the cloak of the triangular military alliance indifferent to inter-Korean military agreement.

Their advertisement of “dialogue” and “improvement of inter-Korean relations” are deceptive and their hostile policies toward DPRK remain unchanged but get worse.

It’s very clear that the south Korean and US war-thirsty forces’ reckless acts would invite bad results.

 The Korean nation is intensifying the struggle against war for peace, expressing apprehension of grave situation of the Korean Peninsula caused by the US and south Korean bellicose forces.

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