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Military provocation for escalating tension

The south Korean warlike force launched marine joint exercise together with the US troops in Pohang, North Gyengsang Province from June 27 to July 14.

Involved in the war rehearsal are 800-strong task force of the south Korean marine corps, 500-strong U.S. marines from Okinawa, Japan, artillery pieces, tanks, armored vehicles, transport and attack helicopters and many other attack weapons.

The drill was staged in which the south Korean and the US marines attack core facilities deep inside the rear of the DPRK through landing operation under the fire support of fighters, helicopters and guns.

The south Korean military prattled that it was a joint exercise involved in all branches of army and striking capability.   

The Ssangyong war game conducted in Pohang as part of Key Resolve and Foal Eagle 16 in last March was the unprecedented, worst military provocation against north Korea in scope of scale, content and performance.

Their risky military maneuvers are clear evidence that the north-targeted war moves of the belligerent forces at home and abroad reach a very dangerous phase in defiance of north Korea’s peaceful approach.      

Frequent military war games and deployment of THAAD should be cancelled as they are pushing the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the brink of war and threatening peace and security of the Northeast Asia.   
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