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Miserable lives of the workers

     Yoon clamors about employment but actually pursues pro-conglomerate and anti-labor policy.

Unemployed reaches 3.1 million and unemployment reaches 11.3 percent.

There is saying in south Korea that hunting for job is darker than clouds.

Even the employed workers are under uneasiness for dismissal.  

The wages between regular job and part time job is a worldwide difference in south Korea. The wages differential between large enterprise and minor enterprise is double.

They even cannot get wages though they do heavy work.

Public service workers work day and night, however unconditional obedience was forced upon them and they get real wage cut over 10 percent.

The workers are hard to make their living due to the sky-rocketing prices and Yoon makes thoughtless remarks to limit wage hike.

The south Korean owners of enterprises immerse themselves in making profits and they make workers drudge disregarding their safety.

The laborers are killed by all sorts of industrial disasters and its death toll reaches 2000 a year.

Yoon suppress the workers’ struggle desirous of freedom of expression and social progress.

He suppressed justice demonstration of workers in demand of suspension of repressing trade unions and withdrawal of mass dismissal and retrained them with an involvement of police and helicopter in July. He put workers at demonstration into prison and ensanguined them involving enormous armed forces in August.

What Yoon had done after he came into power is that he made workers work harder, dismissed them more easily, pay them little wages, bind trade unions hand and foot, made south Korea serving for the conglomerate and made it hell on workers.

The above mentioned facts show that Yoon group is the one of hostile toward labors and people standing on the side of conglomerate and south Korean workers’ lives will be trampled down as long as Yoon remains in his office.

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