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Misty Prospect

     Some days ago, the People’s Power Party and the Party for the People declared the merger of the two parties into one.

It is not amazing.

The merger of two parties is inevitable as the June 1 local election is at hand.

There are shadows of dissension due to clash of interests of the two parties.

There are signs of withdrawal from the Party for the People.  

The relationship between Yoon Suk-yeol and Ahn Churl-soo is on the confines of explosion as Yoon nominated the candidates for minsters of new cabinet with those close to him.

Ahn grumbled for Yoon’s nomination.

The road ahead of Yoon and Ahn is full of thorns.

Trouble and friction between the two parties are unavoidable.

It is apparent to all that the merger of two parties will be short-lived.

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