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Model of noble life

Bearing in her mind that the revolution is guard of a leader, Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese woman hero, devoted her life to guard President Kim Il Sung and she was the model of bodyguard who created the example. 

Comrade Kim Jong Suk was personage of devotedly defending the leader.

She used to say to the members of the Children’s Corps at her teenage that we can’t live apart from the President Kim Il Sung as all creations can’t live without the sun. For us the sun is the President.

Regarding the defending the safe of the President as the biggest patriotism and the most valuable life of a revolutionary solider, she dedicated her all to it.

 She was the perfect defender and carrier of the ideology and line of the President.

 Her loyalty instills into the people that they should never slacken their vigilance or make mistakes in defending the President.

The revolutionary life of Comrade Kim Jong Suk was the life of the bodyguard true to the President.

The example and tradition of devotedly defending the leader she had created serve as the motive power to defend the leader.

The DPRK people are full of determination to carry out the intention and the cause of the leader as she did with firm belief that the revolution is a battle for defending the leader and the defending of the leader guarantees the eternal victory of the Korean revolution.

The AINDF vanguard fighters and the south Korean people are renewing their resolve to support the peerless leader and accelerating the march to realize the cause of national independence.
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