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Modern-day shameless guys

     Japan has no common sense, morality and it leaves international law out of consideration.

It had enforced mediaeval colonial rule after illegally occupying Korea for over forty years. It forcibly took more than 8. 4 million young Koreans to battle fields for aggression of Asia and slave labor sites. It slaughtered more than one million Koreans and abducted 200 000 Korean women, forcing them into sexual slavery.

Nevertheless, the Japanese reactionaries persistently stick to historical distortion and ambition for seizure of territory, far from making an apology and reparation for the past crimes.

The Japanese extremists of the right have denied past crimes stained with blood such as indemnity for labor conscription and comfort women and claimed Dok islet, an inviolable territory of Korea, as its territory in its “2022 diplomatic blue paper”.

It is going to cross out expressions of “Korean comfort women for the Japanese imperial army” and “compulsory manpower draft” and mark Dok islet as the territory of Japan in the textbooks of middle schools to be used from 2023.

The Japanese reactionaries, who have paid visit to Yasukuni Shrine, a symbol of war of aggression, are going beyond the red line for converting into a military giant.

The current situation tells the height of Japan’s arrogance and effrontery and brigandish nature of Jap remains unchanged.

Japan is going to keep its past crimes under the carpet of history and realize the old dream of “the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.” It is the ulterior design of Japan.

Bloody history will be repeated if the Korean nation assumes an indifferent attitude to Japan which beautifies its past crime without apology and compensation.

The Korean nation will not sit by over the provocative behavior of Japan and frustrate its bid without mercy.


In denunciation of impudence of Japan

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