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Modern version of the “Taft-Katsura Agreement”

 The “Taft-Katsura Agreement” was fabricated between the then Secretary of the US Army Taft and Japanese Prime Minister Katsura at a closed meeting in Tokyo on the 29th of July, 1905.

In the agreement, Japan recognized the US colonial rule over the Philippines in exchange for the US offered cooperation to Japan’s invasion of Korea and recognized its “protective rule”.

The US recognized Japan’s invasion of Korea in a bid to realize its aim and Japan winked at the US crimes. It is a never-to-be pardoned hideous crime.

What is serious is that the same brigandish agreement, which had been inked a century ago, is to be agreed.

Days ago, US President Biden voiced his stand in support of the Japanese proposal for increasing armaments and the “capability for attacking enemy base” at a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Kishida.

Far from making an apology for the gruesome crimes against the Korean and Asian people in the past, the Japanese reactionaries run amuck to realize their old dream of “the Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere”.  

The US support to Japan’s attempt shows its real intension to realize its wild dream of world supremacy, making use of Japan as a tool of invasion.

Two men’s meeting is a complex of the US strategy for hegemony of Indo-Pacific region and Japan’s ambition for reinvasion of other nations.

There is a thread of connections between the US, which left Korea to Japan to attain mutual realization of strategic goal and Japan, which recognized the US colonial rule over the Asia.   

This is an open mockery and insult to justice and conscience of the world, and an imprudent act of disturbing peace like a prelude to the third world war.

However, the Yoon Suk-yeol group, which is steeped in pro-US and pro-Japan sycophancy, fans up Japan’s bid to be a military power for invasion of the Korean Peninsula, getting vocal about tightening cooperation with their masters.

The consequence would be dire if the ulterior design of the second Taft and Katsura, who are going to repeat the past history, are allowed to go scot-free.

Broad segments of south Korean people accelerate an intense struggle against the Yoon group which has pursued the pro-US and Japan policy.

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