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Most Heinous Crime

It has been 40 years since the Gwangju Popular Uprising.

The south Korean fascist military group committed mass slaughter that would make even beasts blush with shame.

Under the manipulation of the US, the Chun Doo-hwan military clique made south Korea a bloody prison and killed Gwangju citizens who took part in demonstration without mercy and took students and progressive figures to a police station by force.

You may kill 70 percent of Gwangju citizens.”

Brutalism is the primary nature of the army.”

“Gwangju city belongs to paratroopers. You may choose whatever you like, women and property.”

On Chun’s special order, thousands of heavily-armed Martial Law Force and armored division force perpetrated monstrous genocide unimaginable in peacetime.

They let the paratroopers lost meals and drank alcohol mixed with hallucinogenic drug. They were thrown into massacre operation like starved wolves when their madness reached an extreme point, a book titled “Rule and Resistance” wrote.

The Gwangju citizens were stabbed, broken their heads with club by drunken paratroopers. A young boy, 70 aged old man, parturient woman and schoolgirls lost their lives by the bullet and flame thrower, a writer wrote the situation at that time in detail.

70-aged old man fell down bleeding from his mouse and head as soon as a paratrooper gave a hard blow to back of his head with iron hammer, a book titled “Shoot Everything Moving” wrote.

A paratrooper stabbed abdomen of a pregnant woman with his bayonet to remove her gut out. Then they ripped her underbelly open again and picked out fetus and threw it to her out of breath, the book exposed.

Shredded cloths and pieces of flesh were seen between the coupling chink of caterpillar when armored vehicles and tanks passed over the dead bodies. The scene presented a horrible spectacle; a religious man in Gwangju who witnessed the massacre on the spot wrote in an article contributed to the Japanese magazine Sekai.

A member of peace unit of the US, who covered the Gwangju massacre, denounced that it was beyond brutality of Nazi. TV announcers of all over the world warned that people with heart disease are advised not see TV.  

Five thousand people were killed and 14 000 people were injured in Gwangju in a few days.

The city was turned into “bath of blood”, “city of death fraught with wraith” and “depository of dead body”.

The wire-puller of Gwangju massacre was the US.

The US gave a green light to Chun for deploying the south Korean army under the command of the Combined Forces to suppress the uprising.

A US newspaper referred to the fact that official stand of the US backing the Gwangju massacre and involvement of the army was delivered to the Chun clique.

The White House sent a letter to Wickham, the then US commander in south Korea, to command suppression of the uprising on the spot.

Wickham maligned the uprisers as blackguard, mob and even a field mouse and ordered deployment of 70 thousand-strong armed forces including armored vehicles, heavy gun, missiles, military helicopter and aircraft carrier to massacre the Gwangju citizens, the magazine “Review of Unification” published in Japan exposed.

The US ambassador to south Korea inspired the south Korean army that the suppression of the Gwangju massacre is necessary for security of south Korea, Chun hinted the US involvement in the massacre behind the scene.  

The Gwangju massacre was the most heinous one unprecedented in peacetime.

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