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Most reasonable and immortal program

South Koreans expressed their ardent yearning and boundless reverence for President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who had put their hearts and souls into the country’s reunification all their lives. 

They highly praise the President and the Chairman, who set forth policies of national reunification to provide a solid foundation for realizing the cause of independent reunification, as the eternal sun of the nation and the lodestar of reunification.     

A member of pro-reunification group said at a gathering that all the proposals for reunification advanced by the President are patriotic, fair and aboveboard reunification formulas and went on: 

 “The three principles of independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity advanced by President Kim Il Sungare basic principle of reunification and fair and aboveboard program of reunification he maintained consistently. He, who had put forward the nation above ideology and dedicated his whole life to reunification and prosperity of the nation, attached his name to a document related to national reunification.”

Sympathizing with his statement, his associates noted that the President set forth the three principles of national reunification easy to soluble, reflecting requirement, intention and interests of the nation for reunification. It is a shining exploits to be recorded in history of movement for reunification of the nation.  

A professor at Seoul National University said at a forum on the current situation that the three charters for national reunification are the eternal banner of national reunification and continued:

“The reunification programs including the three principles of national reunification, the ten-point program of the great unity of the whole nation and proposal for founding a Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo are a blueprint underpinning scientific feasibility, not a mere ideal of general goal of national reunification and the future of a reunified nation. It is by no means fortuitous that the broad segments of south Koreans highly speak of the three charters for national reunification as a torch of national reunification as it clarifies all methods to be raised in the process of reunification, irrespective of differing ideology, religious belief and social system, and promotes interests common to the nation. ”

The south Koreans ardently eulogize Chairman Kim Jong Il, who worked heart and soul to indicate the way ahead of national reunification with his unwavering will to carry out the President’s instructions for reunification from A to Z, as the eternal father of the Korean nation. 

A professor in Busan told his students said that outstanding idea and theory of Chairman Kim Jong Il indicates the bright future of the Korean nation and went on:

“In the course of studying the idea and theory of Chairman Kim Jong Il on national reunification, I have felt on the pulse that his policy of national reunification is running through with the thought of national independence and all his speculation and activity are based on patriotism.  

A student stated his excited feeling after reading historic works of Kim Jong Il on national reunification:

“His works breathed his high sense of reunification and inflexible will and ardent patriotism to achieve national reunification and gain prosperity of a reunified nation. National reunification will be surely realized when the Korean nation supports his policy of reunification.”

The Korean nation’s movement for national reunification is making a steady progress in defiance of vicious moves of the anti-reunification forces within and without. Because the idea of great national unity of Kim Jong Il and inter-Korean declarations lighten the way ahead of the movement for reunification, a member of pro-reunification group said.
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