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Mother of Nation

Kim Jong Suk, the anti-Japanese heroine
Mother of Nation
99 years have passed since Kim Jong Suk, the anti-Japanese heroine, was born.

The life of Kim Jong Suk was brief. She devoted her heart and soul to the liberation and reunification of the country and people’s happiness and prosperity, true to the intention of President Kim Il Sung.

Korea’s reunification was her long-cherished desire.

Deeply grieving over the national division forced by the foreign forces after the country’s liberation, she made inexhaustible efforts for independence of the country, while assisting the President.

She showed great affection for the south Korean compatriots, who are under the US colonial rule, and led them to start a new righteous life following the President. Under her warm care, a lot of people enjoyed a worthwhile life for the national reunification. Of them, there were south Korean elder politicians who participated in Joint Conference of Representatives of Political Parties and Public Organization in North and South Korea held in April 1948, a guerrilla couple from Cheju Island and underground political workers.

Immense was exploits of Kim Jong Suk who instilled the conviction and will of reunification into the Korean people’s mind at a time when the country is reunified or divided. Her august name is remembered by the south Korean people as well as north Koreans as she devoted herself to the national unity and reunification. Her image is cherished in the minds of the Korean people as the mother of nation.

Regardless of differences in ideology and political view, various circles of people became the patriotic fighters under her warm care and her exploits performed for the national reunification will go down through generation after generation. This is what south Korean people said.   

The cause of national reunification desired by her was carried out firmly under the leadership of leader Kim Jong Il. Now Chairman Kim Jong Un leads the drive for the reunification to victory in the face of worldwide political upheavals. Under the judicious leadership of the Chairman, victorious progress is made in the reunification movement.

The desire of Kim Jong Suk for national reunification is getting realized!

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