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Motherly party winning public confidence

  Voices in praise of the Workers’ Party of Korea which takes the responsibility for its people’s destiny and takes warm care of them reverberate in south Korea.

   The people are certain to follow a party that works hard for their interests.  The WPK enjoys absolute support and trust from the people for it has pursued politics for the people. The north always achieves successes in the face of pressure of imperialism because the party believes in the people, and vice versa, a professor of the Seoul National University said to his students.

   I keenly felt that all the people in north Korea call and regard the WPK as their mother because it embraces their people as sons and daughters and bestows everything for the good of them, a company employee in Busan commented after watching a north Korean documentary when he was working abroad.

   The WPK translates dreams and ideals of youth into reality by attaching importance to youth so the young men of the north go through fire and water at the call of the WPK. They carry out brilliant exploits in the van of the times as the WPK leads them, a young man in Gwangju praised highly.

   An intellectual in Gyeonggi Province said in excitement that the dignity of a party depends on the greatness of the leader. The WPK is spotlighted as the motherly party as the people in the north hold General Secretary Kim Jong Un at the top post of the party.

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