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Mother’s Bosom

November 16 is Mother’s Day of the DPRK.

It is said that mother’s bosom is the warmest in the world. “Mother” may be the most affectionate word.

Mother spares nothing if it is for her offspring’s happiness and devotes her heart and soul to her children. It is the feature of mother and nature of maternal affections. Woman is weak, but mother is strong, as proverb goes.

However, the maternal affections are effective only under the good social system.

It needn’t look back upon the long past and look out over the world.

The suffering of past Korean women under the Japanese colonial rule and the quite different reality of north and south Korea give instances.

Under the Japanese colonial rule, the Korean women were taken away as the sexual slaves by the Japs and their husbands and sons became the cannon fodders. In those circumstances, their maternal affections were infeasible. Now, oppressed by the Yankees and their henchmen, a lot of mothers are shedding tears of blood in south Korea. With the temperament of venomous serpent instead of maternal affections, Park Geun-hye, a witch, does not hesitate to sacrifice the interests of the nation for the sake of the foreign forces. Under her misgovernment, the mothers in south Korea did not rescue their sons and daughters from the ferry Sewol. Due to the difficult living conditions, giving up childbirth is an “epidemic” and the precious maternal affections are outraged in south Korea, the world’s most hellish society. Immorality and depravity such as murder of child by mother are rife there.

The above-said facts show that, without thankful bosom responsible for the people’s lives, the sanctified maternal affections are worthless.

The lives of the DPRK women, who are regarded as the flowers of the society and bring up the future of nation soundly under the warm care of the great leaders, show what the genuine mother’s bosom is.

President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il made women pillar of society who turn one of the wheels of revolution and led them at every step. In the past, the majority of Korean people used to be delivered of children in a little cabin or even in the fields. Under the great leaders’ warm care, now, the DPRK women give birth to children in the excellent maternity hospitals with jewel-studded floors. Asked by an ex-serviceman’s wife in Taehongdan to name her child, leader Kim Jong Il named her baby.

Chairman Kim Jong Un succeeds to great love of the preceding leaders. Under his guidance, the DPRK has been developed into a blessed land where all people as well as women and mothers enjoy a worthwhile life.

In the blessed land, the Mother’s Day has been instituted.

It is said that good children under a good mother.

The unfathomable love of Chairman Kim Jong Un brings up all people as the guard detachment to defend the leader and pillars to carry out the party’s policies and build a socialist thriving country.

The DPRK people who live under his warm care are shouting at the top of their throat.

 “Our country being led by Chairman Kim Jong Un is the eternal motherly bosom for us!” 
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