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Mother’s Wish

Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese woman hero
 Mother’s Wish

December 24 this year marks the 95th anniversary of birth of Kim Jong Suk who accomplished distinguished exploits for the Korean revolution.  

Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese woman hero, is highly praise as an indomitable woman revolutionary fighter and mother of the revolution by the Korean people and the world progressives. 

Brazilian newspaper Hora do povo once wrote: 

 “Chairman Kim Jong Il of the NDC of the DPRK answered question raised by a Russian newswoman. He counted among his most intimate person his mother who passed away when he was a child. 

My mother was a woman revolutionary fighter. She wished a good success of all her son’s work… I owe a big debt of gratitude to her.”

This afforded international society an opportunity to dwell on Kim Jong Il’s memory of his mother.

Her greatest exploit is that she brought up Chairman Kim Jong Il as President Kim Il Sung’s successor and put him forward as the prominent leader who would lead the future of Korea. 

Kim Jong Suk wrapped him in a patched quilt and brought up her son not in a soft cradle in a quiet house but in a small log cabin in a secret camp on Mt. Paektu, the highest mountain of Korea, (The Korean people have called it the ancestral mountain from olden times.), amidst severe snowstorm and gun reports of the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

She would put her pistol in his small hands and taught him how to shoot it, saying with deep meaning that the country should be liberated and defended by force of arms. After Korea’s liberation, she would visit army units and military schools together with her son, and tailored him a general’s uniform. 

In her lifetime she used to request him to grow up to become an excellent general like his father, a few hours before she died, she showed him the military uniform of Kim Il Sung

Her pistol and Kim Il Sung’s military uniform that were handed over to young Kim Jong Il by Kim Jong Suk-these were valuable inheritances associated with her wish that Kim Jong Il should carry forward Kim Il Sung’s cause down through generations, defend Korea and exalt Korea’s dignity by force of arms. Indeed, yesterday and today of the DPRK can hardly be thinkable part from her. 

Kim Jong Suk in guerilla uniform standing among azaleas, who performed immortal exploits for the country and nation, throws a beaming smile to the world progressives. 

The broad smile of Kim Jong Suk is registered in the hearts of the world progressives.  

The world progressives extend their high respects and gratitude to Kim Jong Suk who brought up Kim Jong Il as the sun of humanity to open rosy future of independence age.

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