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Mounting Campaign against U.S.

Members of the south Korean youth resistance movement staged protest demonstrations towards the U.S. embassy in Seoul on October 17 and November 1 and 13.

They marched toward the U.S. embassy with placards in their hands, scattering leaflets written “Trump, war lunatic!” and “Halt to war game against north Korea!”.

They urged the U.S. to immediately stop its nuclear war drills against north Korea with three nuclear carrier task forces involved.

The Korean Peninsula stands at crossroads to be a hard-fought field or torchlight of global independence, as the US, a war state, lays bare its color, they stressed. 

The U.S. nuclear aircraft carriers have been deployed around the Korean Peninsula according to the U.S. strategy, it is foreign to security and defense of south Korea at all, they asserted. 

Shouts of independence against the U.S. and war would resound across south Korea, they warned.  

The Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea on Nov. 13 called a news conference outside the U.S. embassy in Seoul to demand halt to the U.S.-south Korea joint maritime drills.

Speakers charged that the drills aiming at solution to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula by means of sanctions, pressure and military action would further aggravate the situation of the Korean Peninsula.

This is a lesson taught by history that a military action would not give answer to “nuclear issue of north Korea”, they contended.

They stressed that the halt to anti-DPRK war drills and the resumption of north-south and the DPRK-U.S. dialogue are a solution to the “north’s nuclear issue”.

It is a pipedream for the U. S. and south Korean authorities to stop the DPRK from dynamically advancing along the final goal for completing the self-defensive nuclear force with madcap war exercises and toughest sanctions and pressure. They should immediately lift sanctions and stop war rehearsals against the DPRK as required by the south Koreans.
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